Ret Paladin in PvP doesnt feel good

Hi All ,

I know its going to seem like another Rant about Ret Paladins but i wanted to share my feedback and experience so far this season , predominantly in Solo Shuffle as i am mainly solo player.

Paladin is almost always kill target
After couple of weeks of s3 , Ret just feels …meh? I have strong flashbacks to S1 and late Shadowlands seasons where every lobby essentialy turns into “Kill Pink” .

Not as viable defensive CD´s
With the majority of the lobbies being full of DH , Warrs, Priests - pally defensives feels kinda of weak and not as viable , double wall Divine Protection + SOV gets cut through in literally milliseconds, not even talking about how Lay of Hands is nerfed in PVP and bubble is practically useless with the number of priests.

  • Bubble topic is making me kinda upset if we look at class fantasy paladins always had this impenetrable shield right, now druids , hunters , spriests have their own versions of bubble that can’t be dispelled or destroyed and can actually save you - meanwhile, paladin ones can be dispelled or destroyed. Seems bit funny to me , but it is what it is.

Tier Set Problem
Tier Set in current season is doing 0% extra damage , or if you want to be precise its 1-3% increase based on the testing done by lads like Lvladen and other Ret Paladins in this forum.

Now dont get me wrong , i dont need or want ret to be S+++ Type of class like DH , i just think that it needs bit more of , something.

It doesnt feel good to be targeted in every lobby , doing lowest damage and feeling like i cant even use my deffs because i will be run down instantly anyway.
Off Heals
Last thing - the amount of healing is funny to me as well , Paladin was always this hybrid type of class with strong utility and off heals - and now i cant even compete vs class like warriors with the amount of healing they are doing.

Would love to hear other classes opinion on this , predominantly in Solo Shuffle , do you feel like ret is most of the time kill target ? Or do you agree to disagree.

Anyway , thank you for reading this topic and being part of the discussion , hopefully someone at blizz will read this and it will help them with feedback. :slight_smile:


Ret is completely fine right now, the tier is definitely pretty lack luster, but the spec is fine. You have some of the best defensives and team utility in the game. And ret has some of the best damage in the game right now too.


My biggest gripe with Ret is that jurisdiction hoj is 10 yards instead of 20

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Ret needs another set of nerfs.


I’ve always hated bubble as a spell and this made me hate it more

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Retribution right now IMO is the perfect spot of strong but not overpowered balance wise.

Someone has to be the training target and it just so happens to be rets because its relatively popular yet on the squishier side. Its still tankier than enhancement or feral or fdk and those would be the train targets over ret if they was more common.

Also hybrid healing is weak across the board its not ret exclusive.

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really? im having a blast on my ret pala. even more fun that my arms warr cause all my abilities are ranged lol . you cant kite a ret but they do die in stuns kind of easily

iirc if you bop or bubble you can’t be stunned but I could be wrong :lying_face:

:flushed: :thinking: :thinking:

Try being a healer if you think rets don’t feel good

It’ll give some more perspective


You waste your time coming here to comolain about the manny issues with the spec. The same people telling u ret is fine are also defending sub arms and now locks

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I main ret… The specs fine.


I could care less what you main

Ok, then why did you even post something? You said it’s people who are defending all those other specs saying ret is fine. I’m saying I play ret, and the spec is fine.


There are trols everywhere. They usually share equally trash takes nothing new

Yes our primary defenses can be removed by some of the most popular/strongest specs in the game. Our defensives are still better than early S1 for SURE. At least we have a 20% wall that can’t be stripped and SoV has real value at least early before damp.

Ret is about where it was after the Radiant decree nurf but before the rework. I’m not saying Ret is terrible, it’s just nothing special.

The fact that we essentially don’t have a tier set this season is unacceptable in my view. I’m not saying this hasn’t happened to the other classes out there, but it should be fixed.

Ret has some very tough lobbies. If you get into a match where all of your defensives are dispelled/purged/shatter throw ect you will feel like toilet paper, S1 was wet toilet paper. Caster lobbies are still far from great.

It really does remind me of S1, before the rework. Your best matchups are melee cleaves and 3-4 of them are just stronger classes than Ret. Caster lobbies are fairly awful. We are doing about as well on the ladder.

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Ok so your trolling, thank you for clarifying.


Ret is a very popular spec, it doesn’t need to be strong to attract ppl. It can take another 40% nerf to its overall dmg and still be fine. For the light boyz.

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“Hehe mom i did le clever response mom i won the internet points mom look at me im a big boy”

S1 ret was cappable of ending a match in one set of cds and died in half a second. Now we die one or two go maybe but the damage is nothing to gloat about. Avoidable, cc’able, kiteable and the same issues from before remain with lot more new issues like the trash scaling trash self and offhealing, defensives that get removed. The rework only made it less frustrating to play.