RET paladin dilemma

Hi so my main is a ret paladin, but my guild want me to be holy, but i am a little scared to re-spec because back in the day i was a warrior and i res-spec from arms to prot and i was completely lost.
i dont know holy rotations or anything like that. I also have ret gear as oppossed to healing. What would u guys advice be?


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but id have to re spec right?

Yes you would need to respec and look up a gear guide. My advice practice in AV healing until you get use to looking at health bars. After you get it, start running dungeons for some gear and it if all works out great. Worse case scenario you end up hating healing in that case reroll class into mage / lock / rogue.


Holy “rotation” is spamming flash of light, maybe holy light sometimes, thats it. Holy paladins are desired far more than ret pallys in raids.


is it really only those 2 spells?


other than buffs every 15 minutes, which you use an addon for and maybe a cleanse. But yeah its 95% just spamming flash of light.


atm i use seal of crusader judge it and then seal of command. if i was to heal what seals judgements would i be using?

none, you dont attack

You can easily get by, by spamming only flash of light and buffing its pretty faceroll.


thanks for the replies guys idk what to do lol id prob stay ret


I mean… technically yes. You can go for a very heavy ret build and still heal raids. The main healing related holy talents are fairly low in the tree. I raided as “holy” all through vanilla, but I always had 31 points in ret.


You should do whatever you have fun doing. If you are in a guild and they are forcing a respec, maybe it’s time to leave the guild?

As ret you will be fine in all dungeon content. However, if you really want to see the inside of raids, you may have to tune your character/class to a build that helps the group succeed in these instances.


You could say , send me 1k gold and I will think about it for awhile.
Play what you like.
Have fun…

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You really don’t even need to respec man. Just make sure you get the best healing gear possible.

What do you gain if you spec Holy?

12% Holy Light and Flash of Light healing bonus.

5% more intellect.

Divine Favor (free crit heal because it requires you to spec 5/5 Illumination; which gives you mana back following a critical heal).

And 5% Holy Crit.

These definitely pay their dividends on the parses and when gauging your ability against other Paladins of equivalent gear, but by no means will it be far worse healing.

I solo healed UBRS with just prebis back in September with my full Ret spec (32 Ret - 8 Prot - 11 Holy).

MC and BWL are very straightforward and require minimal movement from healers.

Your main job is keeping tanks alive. To do that you spam Flash of Light. Maybe Holy Light once in awhile. And Lay on Hands if you’re panicked at the end of a progression fight.

Depending on the ability of your guild, you could even do the Ret thing for the entire duration of Classic.

Here is the caveat;

You are a bastardized and usually judged spec. Due to the fact Ret does not compete on the meters in any capacity, your talents will constantly be called into question. If you can deal with the backlash and are a team player (letting Warriors and Rogues and even Hunters or Druids take pieces you want first) you might find yourself in a position to stay Ret.

Be the guy that everyone wants to play with. And if they ask you to heal, don’t grumble.

I wrote a response before Classic started to a question about this. Take a minute to read it if you don’t mind. It will help you know what you’re getting into;

As for myself, I went Holy the moment the honor system came out so I could be in the position I am now at Rank 12. Ret is fun, especially in PvP or when you get to have a fun raid and get power infusion (looking at Esfand here). But remember your primary role will always be a healer to the vast majority of players.

Good luck brother of the light.


And the awful truth begins to dawn on our faithful hero, Grimmis.


You’ll want to take up to 5/5 Illumination. Here’s an example (note: I chose 1 conscecration and 1 in Unyielding Faith, but those 2 could go anywhere you’d prefer, as long as you have 5/5 Divine Intellect, 5/5 Spiritual Focus, 3/3 Healing Light, and 5/5 Illumination, you’ll be able to parse well as a raid healer):

This gives you a lot of options for the rest of your spec. For example, if you’d like to tank 5 man instances and/or farm lashers in DM, you can put points into your prot tree. You also could put points into Ret, if that’s better for your playstyle. Basically, with 20 points in Holy, you can perform at a high level for raid healing.

Yep! That’s it (I have 2 ranks of of FoL that I use, depending, and also cleanse, obviously). Situationally, I would use Divine Favor, but that requires you to spec into it. It’s pretty nice in combination with a Holy Light for the guaranteed crit on that big heal, but not having it isn’t the biggest deal, really.


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RET IS FINE! Don’t respec the worse race/class combo is Holy Dwarf Paladin but it makes the best Ret Paladin.

from a concerned Horde Warrior

Again do not listen to these people they are trying to lead you astray!

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Dobt do it, OP! Ret for life!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Just go holy shock build, I remember dudes one-shotting people with it back in the day