Ret legendary question

Is there a legendary I should be building, I want to do all types of content as ret, but I’m guessing I’ll need to build 2/3 legos switching between pve and pvp? Been maxing my kyrian and necro renown

the lego you want to make for all pve content, is divine resonance. for pvp im not entirely sure, but i think its also the same since its more judgements and it gets effected by that pvp talent.

however the funniest /best pure st ret lego is final verdict.

for venthyr i believe the best lego is mad paragon


Edit: I mis read your OP.
The one that gives hammer 2 charges and % dmg increase per hammer throw is working out well for me. I do like the idea of TV one so I’d have some range increase on the big hitters in BGs. It sucks being just out of range when your capped on HO and can’t get close enough to hit that fast target.

This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I use The Magistrate’s Judgment as the best all around Ret legendary. Chance on Judgment to reduce cost of any Holy Power spender.

  • Works on TV for single target
  • Works on DS for multi target
  • Works on WoG when the crap hits the fan and you’re pouring healing into yourself or your party

No other legendary is that versatile.

I can see Divine Resonance being half decent on Ret.I use it on my Holy Paladin and I can’t name one time it’s ever made a difference - holy shock cooldown is already non-existent as it is. But given the fact that, at the same gear level, Holy Shock and Judgement both do the same amount of damage to a target, I highly doubt it’s a different situation.

On Ret I use Final Verdict. That’s right. Fight me.

i mean divine resonance is alot better on ret than it is on holy. you time the judgements, pool hp, execute your spender with the judgement debuff, repeat until the lego finishes. i personally use final verdict for most content except endgame raiding content if i want to squeeze out more dps. but you can bet i’ll use final verdict along with divine resonance next tier

Sounds like a plan. I’m not really seeing the other leggos be that worth it.

I don’t even play paladin and I know 100% of them use Final Verdict on their chest for pvp (the only mode that matters imo). Not sure why nobody has told you yet

When you get all your modifiers on an enemy with wings up, and then that beautiful Final Verdict Hammer flies though the air hitting for massive damage…yeh, good times.