Ret got nerfed, HArd

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Raid’s are tailored differently each time so relying on it to see how a class is doing is only telling half-truth. These sorts of nerfs, should not be happening. Period. Especially for specs that are clearly lacking severly in a lot of departments.

I’m no expert but I’ve wanted to jump onto my Paladin alt and really enjoy it. I kind of enjoy that Paladin theme but damn if it doesn’t play like trash still. Traits + Gear will make things slightly quicker, more fluid but it still feels bad to play FOR ME.

I’m not really sold that the people behind these balances and tunings are not just throwing numbers on the wall and using live as an open beta. I’ve seen some ridiculous buffs, nerfs and numbers in general for the various classes this expansion, and last. They have created such an abomination of a gearing system and talent system that they have overcomplicated their own balancing approaches that even the Developer’s themselves probably don’t know what is better, lol.

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Am I missing something here? It said it fixed something that caused it to do less damage…thereby once that problem was fixed, Lights decree did more damage…then they nerfed it 30%

So how do you know how much damage it received once bug was fixed? It doesn’t appear to be a blanket 30% nerf


i’ve tested yesterday on the raid, they probably nerfed cause they fixed it, and now it procs on divine purpose and with the free ds on empyrean power procs. To be honest i feel the damage is quite the same, i don’t use DP but even tho the trait was nerfed, having it proc on empyrean power ds is actually very good.

So yeah, the sky is not falling down, if you manage to get at least one empy power (that is not hard lately), your damage will be about the same as before the nerf, i did a burst of like 150k dps with crusade + triple light’s decree + empy power on a +10 motherlode when the zombies of the seasonal affix came, i feel we are still ok and the nerf wasnt just plain retardation from blizzard as we thought, cause yeah having it to proc on dp and free ds and it would still do the same damage would be welp, demon hunter like damage, and we all know that only demon hunter and rogues are immune to nerfs hahaha

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i have no idea why the forum posted as my alt warrior haha, welp that reply above is by me, and yeah im a paladin lmao


This is why PvE and PvP need to have entirely different damage numbers or completely different skills. Trying to balance them together is ridiculous even if Blizzard were still the player - focused company that they once were.


It really was. I honestly haven’t noticed that much of a difference personally since this change except in really high multi target situations (Reaping or raid trash). I was regularly seeing 160k-200k+ plus dps in reaping waves or during the add spawn sections of Opulence.


Any reason this trait was nerfed without seeing a compensation in pvp? Ret is in a pretty weak state right now (at higher brackets). Before the nerf in 8.1 (which was snuck in without ptr testing) all ret had to make them strong was immense damage inside of wings. Now rets deal significantly less damage in their wings window, and laughable damage outside of wings. This creates a state of the game where there is very little reason to take a ret compared to other set up classes who are atleast somewhat useful without cooldowns.

I have a feeling that the blizzard devs view ret far too highly due to blessing of sanctuary and bubble. Sanctuary is almost always covered and played around. While it is still very powerful it is nowhere close to the utility that other classes can bring to their team. Bubble has no healing component to it, has an immense cooldown, and coupled with the fact that ret has no other damage reduction mechanics for spell damage makes the class extremely weak defensively. They have the least mobility out of any class (sure dk’s dont move fast but they can bring you to them) and are unable to deal with being trained when compared to other classes.


I just don’t like you. Ret has been in a weird spot, and finally it has a good working place…and you defend the nerf. You obviously don’t like the light. Repent your evil ways…you are obviously a lock, or a DK…or a…shudder…rogue.


Says the person posting from a DK! You’re clearly the blasphemer here.


Oh yeah, paladins were SOOOOOO broken, that’s why they are head over heals above everyone else good thing they didn’t nerf the weak specs like affliction or destruction…


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Erm, how something that happened a decade and a year ago relevant to today? :thinking:


It really was. I honestly haven’t noticed that much of a difference

If the trait was really over-performing, wouldn’t nerfing it have a noticeable impact?

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It brought the trait in line with the other ones. The +5 seconds on wrath/crusade are still huge. No kidding during one reaping I was pulling around 200k with it double stacked. I think that might be a bit much. It’s still going to rock m+ just like a hurricane instead of an erupting valcano.


I dont understrand how DH is considered ok honestly. that mobility and that debuff are just insane


Then you don’t play the class right lol. Cause Ret is pwning, to those who actually know how to play it. Grats for not knowing how to play the class!!!


I it is because you are a 110 Monk, cause monks are really shining right now.


well. im not a 110 monk im 120 I dont know why it doesnt update and this is one of my many, many, many monks


Can you address the effects in PvP though? Are rets performing well/competitively there IYO?


How full of it could you possibly be? I can’t believe anything you ppl say anymore thats how ridiculous you all sound. First the azerite armor reforge cost was fair and negligible (which your happy go lucky selves walked back not two weeks ago), and now ret pallys are fine!

Go look at any leaderboard. Look at all these raid comps. You guys force people to shelve toons because either you all have a love affair with ranged dps or you are that blind to reality.

INB4 internal diagnostics show casuals playing ret in island expeditions are doing good so all is good…he he he

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And we wonder why the forums don’t get a lot of blue posts…

Some of you forget you’re talking to actual human beings, about a video game…

Dial it back a bit. Offer constructive criticism. Too many people do nothing but spew venom because “lol anonymity”.