Ret got nerfed, HArd

(Thernian) #1

Blizzard is actually ran by monkeys, finally with 8.1 ret felt okay to play and now were back to the bottom of the priority list, GG Blizzard, thanks for ruining my main since BC.

Day #1 as a male human
(Kashadin) #2

I mean, it’s about a 1% nerf to single target and maybe 2% to AOE. Pretty sure the sky isn’t falling.

(Myrilana) #3

Where is the source for the nerf? I’d like to see it.


Today’s Hotfix:

Light’s Decree damage reduced by 30%.
Fixed an issue which caused Light’s Decree to deal less damage than intended when your Holy Power costs were reduced by effects like Divine Purpose or Fires of Justice.

(Myrilana) #5

I see, well damn XD

(Divenity) #6

And let’s be honest, the trait was over-performing.


I wondering how much of a nerf this would be…

(Restofareye) #8

30% is still kinda harsh. I mean if getting different azerite traits wasn’t such a pain in the rear it wouldn’t be such a big deal. It sucks when you finally get some nice triats, just for Blizz to nerf the hell out of them. I have two so I’ll be interested to see how the sims change. Oh well i guess.

(Scyfher) #9

If you look at pvp they first nerfed light’s decree by 50%, then by another 50% and now 30%.

(Ilivath) #10

Depending on your setup this will be about a 1.5 - 2% nerf to overall damage in ST.


Why the hell does a middle of the class pack get a nerf? Are you joking me, where is the nerf to the grossly OP SP or Destro Warlocks, what a joke.


Ret was crazy op beginning of wrath. Also when vanguards was popular…


Whenever ret was strong it’s always been nerfed pretty quickly…


It’s not like we hit all that hard in ret to begin with but my dps has dropped incredibly in spite of higher level gear. It’s a tough road for a ret pally while tanking and healing is good AND healing is good even as a ret pally - I often finish second in healing on the bg or dungeon even as dps to help out - but this nerf is way too much. Pally’s deserve better in the ret build. It should’ve been left alone.


Exactly Scyfher! They hate ret pallys but it has always been my main . Meanwhile other classes are getting 35-40% better dps with lower item levels. It’s just disappointing.


More nerfs, we are at mid pack right now with RETRIBUTION PASSIVE, when people stop diyng we will go bottom again, but of course, let`s nerf ret…

(Alreàdylìt) #17

Totally uncalled for nerf, Bliz is out of touch big time.


Where did you get the 1% number? Look at the Warcraft logs and it was accounting for 8-12% of boss fight damage.

(Baruup) #19

I love how almost Every class but demon hunter took a nerf, and dh is already strong. Please convince me this isn’t fishy, Devs. I’d like a laugh.


For 20 seconds…