Ret didn't deserve this, now its unplayable

Buff ret back up please it deserve its time to shine.

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Every RSS match I have played has had a ret. Two matches had 2…

Ret’s still amazing.


Flagged for trolling. If you can’t play ret currently ya probably should of stuck to your training wheels with prot :rofl:


“My class that was buffed to such a comedic level that we can’t grade it on the typical scaling system got nerfed by 40%, and is still above S+ tier. This is unfair, I had to plug my monitor in to hit 2400!”

And more hot takes from the pink name rerolled club, tonight at 11.


been getting taxed MMR by rets nuking people who ignore their burst. they are still s tier.
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It actually wasn’t nerfed nearly as much as 40%. Just a few talents got nerfed by quite a bit.

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can also just talent around most of the nerfs

Not really. Only Vaguard’s Justice.

Well… mes went around the nerfs on stream explaining how the talent swaps arent even nerfs just sidegrades. For example Fading Light swap to Seal Order you trade passive healing for holy power generation. So yeah, its not that you flat out lose something, you get something else in exchange.

The previous version of Fading Light was a significantly upgrade over the current Seal of Order. Taking SoO is a significant (rightful) nerf over the previous version of Fading Light.

I leveled my ret because I knew it would jinx the class. Sure enough the nerf hotfix came through within an hour of hitting 70. (You’re welcome, pvp community)

Since it’s comp stomp week i opted to grind out a honor set. On the pvp dummy, just being a step above button mashing skill level, I do better burst than my geared sub, dh, and dk. I think ret will be just fine.


Fading light still feels alright honestly, I haven’t messed with seal yet

Post nerf im doing nearly 200k crits on final verdict in nearly full green pvp gear, and no real idea how to play the class. If you cant play a ret paladin right now you cant play wow.


Oh 100%, I’m absolutely wrecking people even still on my ret paladin. I really love going into bgs and focusing down enemy ret paladins, it makes me warm and fuzzy


Mortalx got me over here liking Semicasual’s posts.


no your not, send me a screenshot of you one shoting r1s then

We’re all out of those. But we’ve got plenty of screen shots of the ‘#1 Prot main in the world’ being no where near #1 when their only competition is other prots.

Right? Im getting 300K crits totally naked with fist weapons on

how so, when i qed solo shuffle i was literally top 1 world at 2.2k with 85% winrate. Literally couldn’t climb anymore, had to lower my mmr to get games. And i never even pushed 3s as prot since the spec was unplayable without another prot on the other team to even the games. In 2s its also unplayable because you do less healing and less dmg than a fistweaver lmao. In rbgs you die in 5 sec, less than a hoj or a kidney because you take 60% increased dmg and all your defensives are unusable because they are immunities and you have a flag so you cant use them. Thats why i went ret, still have a r1 spot for prot solo shuffle even tho i only did solo shuffle during the first month of the expansion lmao, 85% winrate was 225-16

Flagged for false reporting.