ret btw, the infamous premier North American Guild from the Vanilla WoW Private Server scene is recruiting for Classic.

We are a hardcore Guild with many years of Vanilla experience. We are far and away the best North American Guild on any Vanilla server to have ever existed. Some of our achievements, across several realms, include:

-Server and NA first raid clears
-Server first level 60s
-Server first rank 13/14s
-Hold server best raid speed clears and DPS records

We are looking to take our talents to Classic and compete for world first raid content clears and pure domination of our chosen server in all aspects. As such, we are looking to expand our already large community by adding many like-minded individuals that will contribute to our cause.

–We are recruiting all classes for competition and contribution in multiple raid groups, emphasis on Fury Warriors, Rogues & Holy Paladins.–


-Able to play your class and not let the Guild down
-Be able to handle banter and humor
-Have the ability to take criticism and follow directions
-90%+ attendance raiding at 9pm EST (one raid night per week once raids are cleared)
-Always bring required consumables to get the most out of your class
-Don’t be loot hungry (you’ll get that DFT eventually)

Raid times: Monday & Tuesday 9pm EST

Loot is done by loot council in a fair manner that will best benefit the guild.

To apply, view the video in the YouTube link below, then fill out the application which is in the description.

Mandatory viewing:

For more information, please feel free to message me on Discord at MarkyMark#7025 or in-game.

Sins also says “No DFT, no party!”

The best guild on any Vanilla server to have ever existed? What a crock of bull. First off I bet most of you weren’t raiding back in Vanilla, and if you were your name doesn’t come up for any Vanilla firsts at all. Claiming to be the best on any Classic server is horsesheet too. There are no true hardcore guilds in Classic b3cause this content is 15 years old with more published strategies to the point that raiding is almost a joke in difficulty.
If you are the “best” in the world like you claim, then why are you Recruiting all classes? Don’t you have the best raid guild already? The bull in this post is strong.


It becomes more obvious that this is a troll post when you check out the “mandatory viewing”…l.o.l.

Clever approach to getting views though.


Just transferred servers and wondering if your looking for holy priest?

Grizzly is as hardcore if not more then they claim. Get ready for the fight of your lives, they are now forfit. You are not getting an alliance guild here but a de facto 3rd faction. No lie they single handedly destroyed the last server they fled.

Your world is already doomed and you just don’t know it. :skull:


Yeah they are so hardcore that their guild recruitment video featured wrestlers, CSI and whatever the fook the rest of that garbage is in that joke of a guild video.

Guaranteed 16-18 year old millennial that has some experience on a private server and is bullsheeting to convince ppl to join his sheet show of a convoluted mess of a guild idea.

No one should take this guy seriously, and I bet the guild will be done in over within 2 weeks.

I come not as a fellow Horde but as a harbinger of doom to signal the total destruction of your economy, world bosses and pvp brackets. They consume and consume until there is nothing but a barron server left.

You can’t trust anyone on your faction from this point going forward, in fact they might be here right now listening to us as we speak. One day as you die laying with a knife in your back, wonder how did you end up in this apocalyptic world…


We’re full on Priests atm, sorry.

Just be warned Alliance- this guild considers all of you the enemy as much as they do the Horde, and they consider any Horde willing to collude with them to bring down their Alliance foes or help them get world bosses their allies.

If you aren’t with them, they will do everything that can to ruin you- and in a few months when they’ve wrecked the server they’ll go to another one like locusts.


Everyone on our server is extremely sad about this. We don’t care to have these known racist homophobic degenerates here.


Rip your server, the most racist, homophobic, and devastating guild has arrived. Of the locust raiding team 3 of them have any semblance of real life or even jobs. They number in the hundreds. Your economy, is finished. They will turn on anyone outside their guild and feed until the server collapses. They will ban with horde to lock your farming spots to their service. They will take over and hold your ranking hostage. Forget in faction team work. I sorry for your server.


Yall ruined my epic monolog… Man I wanted to see tears once they realized my warning was no troll.

Don’t worry I’ll come back to taste the salty post about how right I was… :joy::joy::joy:


I look forward to grizzly and whatever drama comes with em!


And I look forward to get ez grizzly kills while they try to “monopolize the Black Lotus, RTV and Devilsaur” market :smiley:


I took this as a joke a first. But I’m starting to get it. I’ve seen 1st hand the cross faction collusion tonight in BRM.

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already colluding with horde eh? that was their specialty on Stalagg. good riddance to the cowards that couldn’t occupy their own cities that they ruined :rofl:

must be openly racist as well in order to join. have fun with these guys, sulfuras!

IDK about the whole guild being raycist

But the GM def raycist

And he’s Canadian which makes it worse. Where did he even learn such foul language? lol

edit - won’t let me quote u weird


I would guess part of the reason Grizzly joined y’alls server is because they got pre commitments from horde guilds that they would collude with them.