Resubbed. looking for that old feeling. raiding

I cleared through NAxx40. BT MH sunwell. at level.
We cleared Naxx25 at level. and I left.

looking for a good guild that has social players. that actually interact with each other. talk and do guild runs together.

I currently have a Death knight. Warlock. and Tankiden at level and a free 110 unlock.

Looking for the older atmosphere and social aspect. this game seems to have lost it… my guild chat is silent. noone does anything. barely 3-4 people on… i cant find a JC if i need one… or know who makes bags or enchants… its miserable.

old raider. Looking for guild… Can melee DPS. range DPS or Tank.
I dont stand in bad and i love DPS meters :-D.

Hello, feel free to check out our recruitment post at [A] <Retrievers of Light> weekend 9/9 H BoD 2/2 N CoS looking for more

Looking forward to hearing from you!

hit me up. looking for people.