Restore Joyous Journeys to Fresh Start Servers!

This really shouldn’t have been removed from fresh start servers. Having to re-start multiple times before finally getting on a fresh start server without a queue, now we’re stuck slogging the rest of the way to 68 before we can enjoy the expansion. Only those who didn’t have to relocate to another server and had excessive free time were able to take advantage of this. Those of us with families and careers are now left behind before even getting to BC. Why do you keep making such bad decisions? Are you actively trying to punish players with real life commitments?


You are only contesting vs your own server on a fresh server. Everyone there had the same conditions and the same known end date don’t see why you should be given any longer.

Having fam and jobs is not a reason if you pick to prio them that is 100 percent fine and good but none the less is your call and got to live with the consequences. It’s part of life to live with the consequences of your actions.

For example I’m behind in the 80 grind as I slept and went to work last night. Don’t see me asking for stuff to catch up.

Ques everyone had to deal with on that realm also so not really a reason.

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Why did you go on fresh server in the first place


What you are saying makes sense, excpet in the case of Angerforge, which from the sounds of it, is where OP hails from.

We were offered a fresh server roughly 2 weeks after Skyfury dropped, mostly to allieviate the excessive queues on Skyfury. Thousands of people rerolled toons on Angerforge, leaving behind their Skyfury characters in order to start afresh on a new server which we were promised would have no boosts or transfers for at least 90 days.

Three days into the life of Angerforge, they allowed free transfers from Skyfury, a then 17 day old server.

The Angerforge community is, as such, made up of a large portion of people who were given 2 weeks to level before wrath dropped, and a smaller, but much more powerful group of people who transferred from Skyfury with a two week advantage, albeit having to endure some excessive queue times.

The influx of people from Skyfury had a massive impact on the economy and community. Many people who had rerolled on the server have expressed that it would be a no-brainer for blizzard to extend the JJ buff on Angerforge to in some small way alleviate the impact that allowing toons from a more established server to transfer to what was supposed to be a fresh server.

The fact that they havn’t chosen to extend Joyous Journeys on Angerforge is dissapointing, but sadly, not unexpected. The fresh servers have been managed poorly from the start and expecting anything else is becoming increasingly less likely.


It completely makes sense from amber

Amber is a extension of the other fresh to stop ques they had just as much time with jj via the other realms.

While if starting there you had just as much time as those that did that there.

You are only competing vs your own realm even there not the other realms as you can use the same logic there if you want of there different than other fresh so can’t count them.

The exact reason of fresh was to be in your own isolated space and as such what other realms have had means exactly nothing. What matters is what your realm has had and everyone there has had jj on that realm for the same time.

While you had tons of notice on when it was ending. It was a bonus in the end and not having it is not “making you behind”. Your behind since your choices placed you there which is fine as many things take prio over wow but non the less that is the reason.

Not everyone has had JJ for the same time.

The people that rolled toons on a fresh server that was supposed to have no transfers or boosts for 90 days have had 2 weeks of JJ.

The people that transferred from Skyfury have had 4 weeks of JJ.

As you say: “The exact reason of fresh was to be in your own isolated space and as such what other realms have had means exactly nothing.”

Except that they allowed free transfers from a more established server.

“What matters is what your realm has had and everyone there has had jj on that realm for the same time.”

I don’t mean be to condescending, but I honestly don’t know how to spell this out more simply:



OMG i rolled on a fresh server and come to the forums to whine about a timed pre patch buff that everyone knew would end.

I, however, aim to be condescending. Tired of all these posts. Either buy a boost if you don’t have time or enjoy the game for once without expecting handouts.

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Yes and once they allowed those transfers they became part of that server and that servers power level.

Everyone had the same chance to do so thou yes blizzard should of better communicated they where going to do that (that is a entirely different issue) but not a single person on that server don’t have that chance.

As such my point stands everyone has had the same chances on that server you not using them is on you.

None the less the server itself has had jj all for the same time. Them having it longer on a diff server dosent change that as you could of also started there.

I don’t think you’re quite grasping what the issue is here.

Imagine if one week into Skyfury ( a fresh realm) they announced that they would be letting people from Grobbulus transfer over.

Technically, evrybody had the chance to make characters on Grobb 3 years ago. And as you say, people not using that chance would be on them.

But do you see how people that were sold a fresh experience on Skyfury might want a catch up mechanic to make the game more playable for them?

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They did do exactly that we know people from grob. Will be comming over at a set time just in grobbs case we ready know a min date till xfer a allowed. Fresh xfers where allowed earlyer that’s all.

Your example is exactly what happened and is fine.

A fresh experience was always a limited time thing. And other fresh users xferinf in dosebt change that. You still have the x time till non fresh transfers and only fresh transfers are comming in that’s not falling behind fresh that is fresh. Your realm is exactly where it should be.

In the end obv blizzard agrees with me as they took away jj and made a statment it’s not comming back for awhile they directly mentioned fresh in that as well as a note.

Can’t boost on the fresh start and you can’t do more than one boost. If you’re suggesting they unlock boosting so you can do more than one, I’d support that.

Should stay on Fresh imo. Not sure if they didn’t think the consequences through or don’t care but it feels very bad if you are on fresh. Maybe I am wrong and many returning players won’t reroll on fresh, but if any returning players decide they want to reroll fresh I think the buff going away now is a slap in the face.

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Just bring back Joyous Journeys for everyone, problem solved

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