Restore Gilneas Because

(Zérgling) #81

What resources? That city hasn’t changed since the game was released. It’s so old that it is essentially a stump that is hoping you don’t set your view distance too high

(Zérgling) #82

I use to mine thorium there during vanilla, made a map in Microsoft paint of the nodes (I was 14ish) lol. I loved the NE ruins of the old one

(Tyriellais) #83

That’s because Teldrassil and Exodar are worthless.

Ironforge is a hub for northern EK. Stormwind is a hub for southern EK.

Darnassus…connects to Rutheran Village, that connects to Auberdine. Exodar connects to Auberdine through an instance portal. Auberdine isn’t a great hub for even Northern Kalimdor, ‘cause you have to fly around Hyjal.

The Alliance hub for Kalimdor is Theramore, ‘Cause it connects to places.

Undercity was a good Horde hub for northern EK. How busy was Silvermoon? It’s dead, ‘cause it’s in the middle of nowhere and through an instance portal.

Accessibility is everything for a city. Making portal rooms in just one capital will merely drive everyone to that capital. So even Gilneas would die swiftly, even though it’s positioned well.

(Izhkarl) #84

All that timber though. We’ve been fighting over that since wc3.


and replacing it with nothing but rubbish for the night elf player.

And speak for yourselves about Stormwind and Ironforge, I hate both of those cities and never spend any more time in them than I need to. I camped my toons in Darnassus and Dalaran, the only cities in the game I like.

(Zérgling) #86

Oh my bad haha I thought you meant art resources

(Keori) #87

There was a leak that was out there that had since be deleted. There is no credibility of the leak or any confirmation (though some of the things stated thusfar has actually come into fruition). One of the things stated that Gilneas is actually going to become a 120 zone in 8.2 along with the worgen revamp.

While they are at it, since obviously Genn is establishing ties with the Night Elves, no doubt he would bring them into the city. One big key thing to note is the tree, Tal’doren, where the worgen underwent a ritual to regain their humanity. In the Emerald Dream, this is also Daral’nir, where the NIGHT ELF WORGEN are currently resting. Possible allied race incoming? I hope so!

(Tyriellais) #88

There are Night Elf Worgen in the Broken Isles. They’re “Feral Worgen” and you can restore them to their Night Elf form with the Scythe of Elune.

(Withpuppys) #89

i should point out that alot of the sleeping night elf worgen got pulled into our world by arugal and velinde.

also i cant see night elf worgen being an allied race because they would look no different to normal worgen when in there worgen form

(Huh) #90

It would be nice to see them actually do something with this place. It’s such a cool zone with a great look. Shame that it’s not even used for anything beyond a phased starting area.

(Withpuppys) #91

i imagine we will see it during the gilnean heritage quest


They should, it’s an awesome city and a real shame not to use it. I’ve long felt that the Alliance should come up with a cure for the plaque so they can reclaim areas in the Eastern Kingdoms as well as it being about time that particular weapon was removed from Sylvanas arsenal. It’s old and played out, she needs to be forced to come up with new strategies beyond plaque bombing everything.

(Bretherezen) #93

I’d rather Silvermoon City get some loving attention from the Developers before Gilneas does, sorry. Gilneas looks gorgeous enough in my eyes.

(Reik) #94

Isn’t the Deadscar spreading? And magic can do nothing to fix it, too.
I wonder what will happen when that corruption reaches the coast… or the sunwell.

I’d imagine, though, that the path the game is on will centralize military power in one location each. Darnassus and Undercity were the first steps down that road.
Exodar will go nuclear when the Naaru on board goes critical. Alliance will try to take Silvermoon, but be forced to abandon it when the scourging of the Dead Scar proves too difficult to fix. Shadows will surge up from beneath Ironforge and swallow the city. Thunder Bluff will be the target of an Azerite bomb.

Like it or not, I’d bet that by the end of this it will be just Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Now… if those cities would properly district with different assets, or grow to the size of full zones (swallow up Azshara and Elwynn respectively), they’d be more bearable. But either way they’ll probably be all we have left.

(Gobbyjr) #95

you go back to it in the MOTHERLODE!! dungeon, where the other engineering person has taken over and turned it into a slum, but think it could be made into its own city because the goblin starting zone had the perfect layout for a city


Restore Gilneas! Restore Gilneas!

Funny how Gilneas became a ruin 8 years ago, but their sheep are still roaming around.

(Withpuppys) #97

gilneas shall rise again!

(Innavoig) #98

The Worgen shall unite and claim Gilneas. In addition, we should bring back the Night Elves in the Emerald Dream who are Worgen. All Gilneans shall return to their rightful place.

(Jim) #99

That’s a good idea. It gets the Worgen out of the Cataclysm time warp. It would require some clever story telling relating to how the curse is still about. It may even be possible to have a combined Night Elf / Worgen start area. With Worgen Monks.

(Innavoig) #100

Blizzard (apparently) has good writers. Heck, bring back Metzen, since he was one of the writers and maybe a good story line can come out of this.