Restore Gilneas Because

(Mossclaw) #21

I’d like that. The Gilneans could host the NEs now. Or would they…

(Duvainil) #22

would also be really smart strategy wise. Drop silvermoon, destroy sunwell and horde is down an army. All the blood elves go back to being junkies. And I don’t think the fruit of the nightborne will help them. its for nightwell addiction.

the blood elves never beat their addiction. They held out till they got a sun well back. this would be the weakness alliance should key on.

(Tinúviel) #23

Restore Gilneas and allow the Night Elves to settle there.
The Gilneans kinda owe us one.

(Peppermint) #24

Restore Gilneas because the Alliance needs a new city after Horde war crimes in Teldrassil, because Sylvanas needs to be put in check, if she dies in BfA the undead need to be put in check, and just because it’s stupid to have this big empty city and zone in the game.

(Withpuppys) #25

they would at least make an offer to the night elves to let them stay in gilneas, whether the elves accept it is up to them

(Tinúviel) #26

I know at least the civilian populace would, or Tyrande would force them, even. The only elves who belong in northern Kalimdor right now are the military.

(Mossclaw) #27

Really, though? I mean, I don’t feel that Worgen would be a thing if it weren’t for our mistakes.

(Dreadmoon) #28

Night Elves and Worgens get along because they both love one thing in common.

Trees :deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree:

So let’s plant some trees in Gilneas :smile:

(Tinúviel) #29

The druids responsible were exiled and forced into the Dream. The elves who helped the Gilneans ensured the survival of their nation, so I think at worst we’re breaking even.
Then again the elves are kinda responsible for… everything.

(Zarles) #30

Gilnean architecture is simply awesome. So tired of Stormwind.

Human cultures are different, so Blizz should let them shine.

Kul Tiras was a great start. Gilneas next!


Where do the worgen even live right now lol. I was under the impression that the populace was with the night elves and the army was in storm wind. So, now that that’s gone, like storm wind just got its population increased by like 7000 or something?
Yeah give us gileanes back


Not sure the Void and High Elves would be too fond of this.

(Tinúviel) #33

All 20 of them may riot in the streets of Stormwind.

(Withpuppys) #34

all the gilnean and night elf civilians live in stormwind, i believe its to the point where we are overpopulating the city


Good time to kill them all off.

(Dvis) #36

Yes, make another world tree. The one we lit up outside Kalimdor paints the sky in such radiant colors. EK could use the same. Good thinking, vampelf.

(Dreadmoon) #37

** Hits Dvis over the head with a rubber chicken :chicken: **

(Dvis) #38

I thought Swiftraven stole that chicken…

(Dreadmoon) #39

I can summon endless numbers of them at will :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Innavoig) #40

It’s time to bring us back home. Gilneas and Night Elves have coexisted for ages; we can make Gilneas great again!:grin: