Restore Gilneas Because

(Catieboom) #1

It would be great for the Alliance to have that port and keep an eye on Stromgarde since it is near. Also, it would be great to have Night Elves and us Worgen on the same area and not Stormwind, where it seems to overcrowded.

(Awkaran) #2

Restore Gilneas because Genn Greymane is a very, VERY good boy. /moo

(Nyariá) #3

Gilneas also looks alot nicer than Stormwind… they should rebuild it, fix things up, and take over, since under city got nuked, no horde presence there…

(Fallynn) #4

I think restoring Gilneas would be fair, along with Silvermoon and as some mentioned, Stormwind. It’d be nice to have some new major cities again after Teld was burned down for the Night elves and such.

(Donutdreams) #5

Good boy Genn has proven himself a very good boy! Please give him his city back! It’s been SO LONG!!! :sob::sob::sob:


Gilneas would be a fantastic Alliance hub, Since the UC is no longer a threat, there is no reason why the N’elves and the Worgen can co-exist in that area. After all, it is a huge place. Plenty of area to rebuild…

(Dvis) #7

After 10k + years on Kalimdor, I don’t see the NEs settling on the Eastern Kingdoms.

But the dogs can have their yard back. Might actually imply some conflict having a contested area next door.

(Ă…gnarr) #8

Sounds like a ruff job.

(Swiftraven) #9

restore Gilneas for the worgen and nelves and reclaim Kezan for our gobbos

do et blizzard


Gilneas has so much potential to be the greatest city for the Alliance. It would also be fine to move the Alliance headquarters there. Restoring Gilneas would give Worgens their home and share it with the N’Elves. If Teldrassil cannot be reclaimed, at least there are plenty of trees in Gilneas for them.

(Dvis) #11

Only if Greymane reclaims his pair from the Vet’s office and puts Manduin in his place. The High King of the Alliance isn’t going to leave his family’s home base to set up shop across the pond.

(Catieboom) #12

Actually, the High King needs to go to a different place. After all, the comforts of Stormwind are now overused by people. Restoraing Gilneas and moving there will be more beneficial for the Worgen and the Night Elves. Anduin can go and visit more often if he intends not to move from his Keep. HOwever, have some portals so then he can visit Greymanem who will have a great amount of responsibility on his shoulders as well as his Queen. The more I think of it, the more it sounds it can work.

(Hugemidget) #13

If I’m not mistaken I think in there before the storm book Sylvanas had plans to attack Stormwind & it was shown in the lost honor cinematic that the city is vulnerable to attack because of the war, it’d be awesome if Stormwind was raized & the survivors all fled to Gilnaes & over an expansion we would all see the city rebuilt & growing. I have my doubts blizzard currently could pull that off gracefully, but you never know.

(Kaznarok) #14

You know, they really should retake Gilneas.

(Cyniel) #15

I’m not necessarily sure it is nicer, but I like the style better… specially since there are all of those barricades etc all over the place.


If Gilneas is restored, I will create my Worgen toon.

(Artanu) #17

Blight Gilneas again.

I have a feeling Silvermoon is going to be destroyed by the alliance, giving the alliance a victory, and giving the devs an excuse to never update it.

(Roran) #18

What’s the current state of Gilneas? Last I heard about it the Forsaken where fighting the Worgen there still. Did they ever win or where the Worgen holding their ground?

(Enekie) #19

Gilneas absolutely should be restored, since the Worgen got screwed with their racial story being given over to the Forsaken.

Kezan can go back to the Horde.

(Innavoig) #20

As a Worgen myself, I would help rebuild Gilneas. The contested area is not too close to the capital of the Worgen. Rather than stay as a ruin, it would be best to restore it. I can volunteer myself and four more Worgens to help rebuild our capital (in other words, let’s hope the WoW team and its developers favor having this area rebuild. The Worgen and the Goblins for too long were story shafted. Time to create something new).

Side note: Having the city restored could also mean they could create a starting point with the new Gilneas, rather than the Forsaken attacking it. It would be a “glorious” starting point, where something positive happened for the Alliance on the war against the Horde. Also, have emissaries there as well.