Restoration Shaman spec bonuses

Reading over the discussion, I’m convinced enough to throw behind S1


Bro Unless they buff the ten percent crit up to 20% it isnt worth anything. The 4pc is pretty good but seems like a lot of overhealing. With the stats we have now all the season one sets that provided stat bonuses have been nerfed over time, (by getting more stats from gear). The season 2 pc had crazy throughput. Expecting Blizzard to actually tune these is not likely.

The only really good tier is s2. I don’t know how people can vote in the worst tierset possible. Seems like a sabotage.

Completely disagree. S2 tier was meh in raids, but did so little for me in dungeons. I absolutely hated it.


It’s sabotage or intentional with the idea being to have rshaman be such a gimped spec next season that Blizzard’s hand is forced and rshamans get giga-buffed going into the next xpac.

Our secondaries are so overly inflated right now and especially going into next season, S1 tier will be a good bit worse than it was back then.

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Here’s my napkin math. If there are holes in it, please point them out.

Season 1

Let’s assume we’re at the 30% crit soft cap from gear, which puts us at 35% crit.

Baseline, without any set bonus, 35% of heals do 200% healing, and the other 65% do 100% healing:

.35 * 200 + .65 * 100 = 135%

With the s1 set bonus, 45% of heals do 215% healing, and the other 55% do 100% healing:

.45 * 215 + .55 * 100 = 151.75%

151.75/135 = 1.124

So the s1 set bonuses give us 12.4% more healing

Season 2

The two-piece set bonus did 2% of my healing in any given run extremely consistently, so that’s easy, I do 2% more healing with that.


In the 26 waycrest I just did, the spells affected by the 4pc bonus had the following breakdown:

  • healing surge 23.7%
  • chain heal: 19.5%
  • healing wave: 0%

with s2 4pc, surge does 10% more and chain heal does 2% more, so:
0.10 * 23.7 + 0.02 * 19.5 = 2.76

So the s2 set bonuses give us 2 + 2.76 = 4.76% more healing

And that’s for fortified Waycrest, where I do a disproportionately high amount of healing surge healing because of etch. In general, it will be an even larger difference.

Edit: for another example, +25 everbloom:

  • Chain Heal: 28.3%
  • Healing Surge: 9.6%
  • Healing Wave: 2.4%

0.10 * (9.6 + 2.4) + 0.02 * (28.3) = 1.8

For a S2 total of 2 + 1.8 = 3.8% :rofl: awful


S1 is 2.6-3.3x better than S2 for healing.

For damage, S1 adds > 0 damage, S2 adds 0 damage, so S1 is infinitely better.


Season two was never used in PvP. Legitimately no one used it you were better off stacking versatility and secondary stat. It’s really going to suck if we’re forced to relive that nightmare again.


I went for S3, because I heal m+ far more than raiding, and I love Riptide. So S3, with its Riptide buff and no need to worry about people moving out of Healing Rain.

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please don’t vote for season 2

Thank you for doing this analysis.

I actually think this is even a little conservative. Right now, with no procs I’m sitting at 33% from gear. I’m also wearing the trinket that procs additional crit. With another +35 item levels pushing that up, I could see being at 35% (before bonus) in season 4 without breaking a sweat. But that just makes the difference more.

Also, like you said at the bottom, there is only one set that adds any damage at all. Season 4 is the time to spam keys and yolo raid. S1 clear winner.

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Guys you really shouldn’t be voting for season 1 or two. Season 2 makes no sense as a teir set and only the 2 set was even mildly good enough to call a good 2 piece. The 4 piece for seson 2 was god aweful and had the WORST uptime ever and you have to remember it only triggered that % heal increase on the INTIAL drop of the healing rain. Meaning people who have riptide who walked into the healing rain didn’t trigger the 4 set, you had to land the healing rain on ALL the people you have riptide on. Do you know how impossible this is in raid and even M+? You would need to have everyone as melee in M+ or only target melee with your riptides in raid to get it to work.

Season 1 set bonus is just bad now. Like don’t get me wrong. If we had the version of resto shammy from season 2 or 1 i would vote for the season 1 set asap. But CBT is just bad now, not only was it nerfed but our mana was nerfed. Chainheal was the way we pumped into CBT and without constant spiking damage it just won’t work since we want to not chain heal as much as possible now with the current mana changes. Season 1 set would work if it was an actual raid teir but in M+ it is going to suck so much trust me. This current one with how passive it is and how it works with the normal way we heal anyway is just way better to have over any of the other two.

So vote for season 3. Unless they revert our mana on chainheal its pointless to go anything but the current season set bonus. Any shaman using or spamming chainheal still with CBT right now is just bad and should stop. Chainheal is dead and until they fix that issue S3 set will be king even over S1 set. 15% extra healing on crits isn’t worth it for s1 set also, even with the better heal stream totem.

CBT is still good, it’s just more useful in harder content.

I don’t understand this. The S1 bonus would arguably be better with Healing Stream over CBT.

(2) Set Bonus: While **Healing Stream Totem**/Cloudburst Totem is active, your chance to critically strike is increased by 10%.

You have 100% uptime on Healing Stream, so that’s 100% uptime on the 10% crit. People used CBT before because it was better… not because it was better with the set. In fact there was a minor downside of running CBT in S1. Specifically If you had to pop it early to keep people alive, you’d miss out on some of the set bonus uptime.

It’s also 10% more resurgence mana too. So it even interacts with that.

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Can resto shaman get a 4th option for none of the above since every tier bonus this season was mediocre at best?

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For pve how does season 1 compare to season 3? I can’t believe s2 is so close to winning, I know it could be tuned up, but isn’t it the worst bonus for pretty much every game mode?

The two-piece set bonus did 2% of my healing in any given run extremely consistently, so that’s easy, I do 2% more healing with that.

I would be curious to know how much you intentionally played around the season 2 set bonuses. Tidewaters was doing quite a fair bit more for me in any given key. I generally log all of my runs, so I looked back at some. In Freehold, which had the lowest group aoe damage of that season, my 2pc was still averaging close to 5% of my overall healing. In most of the other dungeons, it was between 8-10%.
I would also note that many people used the 4pc bonus to play around primordial wave, which adds a significant amount of healing in a single healing wave cast.

I’m not saying you have to care about the season 2 set or playing around it, but I think your math heavily undervalues what it is actually capable of.

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No, outside of PVP that was season 1.

The main thing I am getting from this thread is that a lot of people played badly and dont know how tier sets worked. Or many of their shaman spells.

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So I did a little bit more math out there to try and get some Season 1 scaling factors.

So BASELINE with no bonus.
Where C = your total crit % (expressed as fraction).
So any heal has a chance C to heal for 2 and 1-C chance to heal for 1.

2C + ( 1 - C ) = 1 + C

Which is pretty intuitive. If you have 30% chance to get 200% Healing, your overall throughput would be 1 + 0.30 = 1.3 or 130%. If you up your crit to 40%, then 1+C = 140%.

With the 2+4p Season 1, that formula changes to:
2.15 ( C + 0.1 ) + (1 - C - 0.1)
Where C is your crit without the bonus 10 crit from the 2p. Doing some algebra you have…
1.15 C + 0.115
Now you subtract out the initial C+1 you have
Delta = 0.15 C + 0.115

Now you can plug in your base Crit before 2p, and calculate an overall raw healing throughput increase.

So if you plug in 20% Crit, you get a throughput increase of…
0.15 x 0.2 + 0.115 == 0.145 = 14.5%
So if you plug in 30% Crit, you get a throughput increase of…
0.15 x 0.3 + 0.115 == 0.16 = 16%

NOTE these are RAW healing values, so it does not discount this for overhealing. An interesting feature of this is that even with ZERO crit you get a baseline of +11.5% healing just from the +10% Crit and 215% Crits.

TLDR – Even with 0% Crit, Season 1 “wins” on the numbers coming in at 11.5%. And it only get better, faster, with more Crit.


This is because it had a 0.5 pvp coefficient. The 2pc was very very strong, with the pvp talent healing rain was both your most efficient and also one of your best healing abilities on a 10s CD. If the reasoning is “because it wasn’t good enough in pvp” that’s up to them to balance. The set bonus worked perfectly fine in pvp though

Negative. I spam chainheal with cbt and clear the content I want to clear easily.