Resto Shaman LF raiding guild on Weekdays

Hey guys I am a 197 ilvl resto shaman LF a weekday raiding guild on (H) Area-52. I am really enjoying shadowlands and looking to raid on my shaman. I have 10/10N exp and 5/10 Heroic XP. Looking for a chill raiding guild that looks to clear heroic and push into mythic. Prefer 2 days a week wed/th or th/fri.

Discord - Never#3622 - Tecate#1489

This is my armory

Does 8-11pm est on Sunday/Monday nights work for you?

Hi Sudo,
I am Jinmori with Taco Bell on area 52. We are a chill group of skill players pushing AOTC and are in need of your skill set. Please message me in game or Seiko so we can chat more.

Hello friend,

We are in need of an Rsham :slight_smile: