Resto shaman DPS

I hopped onto the PTR today and threw around some builds for raid and M+. I LOVE how flexible our tree is, it is great. I am not complaining about that at all.

I do have concerns on how exactly we are supposed to generate DPS in M+. I know Resto Shaman is in a really good place right now for DPS, maybe a bit too good if I am being honest. (although priest is still better as I understand it)

But yea, the DPS I am generating is…underwhelming. Like really really bad. Basically you have all of the dps options from SL except Vesper Totem. Not bad you say? Well VT is 20+% of our DPS. Anything replacing it would need to be close-ish for AOE dmg.

They replace VT with

Acid rain (which is straight up horrible and is not worth the GCD to cast unless you have a VERY large pull.

Call of Thunder (which only hits 3 targets).

Primordial Wave - Basically FS with some extra dmg. Much better to use this for healing in most cases. The long CD make the DPS contribution very meh.

There ARE some options in the class tree

Improved Lightning bolt - 20% dmg on Lightning Bolt. Not horrible for single target, although it does cost 2 TPs to get that.

Thunderstorm - Small dmg, knock targets up or back and slows for a few seconds. Requires you to be in melee range. More of a CC than AOE dmg. Absolutely not worth the TP for dmg (although not horrible for CC standpoint. Seems like more of a PVP talent to me, but Im no expert.

LB/LS - Single target DoT and follow up. decent dmg, but has a long cast time and again, single target

and…that’s it!

Again, I want to be clear, I love the config of the tree in general. You have lots of choices to make, lots of options and lots of different talents that are niche but really good in that niche. I think all talent trees should be that way.

But from a M+ DPS standpoint, it is in really bad shape.

My suggestions

Echo of the Elements: Currently give an additional change for LB and RT. Its a good talent, and fairly far down the tree. It actually is the Add the following effect:

Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning strike 1 extra target.

That’s it. You end up with CL hitting 4 targets (which is still smaller than most big pulls in M+) while LB hits harder if there are only 2 targets so there is a decision point on which to cast. It does NOT change single target DPS although it does make Improved LB a choice in M+ since it allows you to hit 2 targets @ +20%. Not sure if it would be enough to justify 2 TPs for M+, but you would at least think about it.

To be clear, this would very likely NOT make up for the Vesper Totem loss, but it would be closer than what we have today.

I need to 100000% agree, I sort of talented my Resto Shaman to play as it is on live, Acid Rain is currently ridiculously under tuned… I honestly cannot see any purpose to waste a GCD on this… it’s ticking for me about 900 - 1000 damage where a chain lightning hits 12k on 3 targets spammable…

Acid Rain needs massive pulls to make it worth the damage and even then I’m not even sure if it’s worth casting.

Isn’t earthquake ele gone too? That thing alone did tons of dps

I haven’t really played resto since season 2, but I wanna say the issue is we are coming from SL were shaman, paladin, and holy priest are pumping crazy number (Priest less so than shaman/pally for sure, but still solid). I think they want healers to feel less like dps, and have more healing. This is just how I am seeing it currently, and I by no means am an expert, I just think this is the direction they are taking

By getting rid of earthquake elly, you right there are losing a lot of burst. And like you said vesper totem is going too ( I never liked vesper, never could get good numbers out of it, and always went/stayed venth). Keeping the necro ability just feels weak. It never felt good imo, and I can already see it being mostly used as a heal ability.

Overall, I still think the issue is we are going to see smaller numbers this expec compared to Sl. I think healers were relied on too much to help do damage, and they want to scale that back. Again, I am no expert, and only been healing for a year.

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Bumping this because Blizzard needs to see it.

The damage that resto shamans are doing in pre patch might be 1/50th of what the other healers are doing.

Rsham and ele sham do not great dps in the beta prepatch. Our “flexible” trees end up making rsham feel like a shell of themselves because of all the nodes in both trees making it impossible to keep the toolkit we currently have. How to generate dps? Well we have to actively dps - there is no more vesper totem and no more suped-up rock ele to carry us. Acid rain needs to be tuned up, but with the constant movement from dungeon abilities, and the new affix which makes everyone move and adjust constantly, its not going to be the solution you are looking for unfortunately.

Looks like nothing has been done still.

Let me help out blizzard.

Add a node to the talent tree to award earthquake to elemental and one to reduce the cooldown on elemental.

Add a node that gives vesper totem, literally leaving resto shaman like this would make many people have to reroll.

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You’re nuts. Rsham damage is nuts.

Weabols you clearly haven’t played beta or PTR

I have played a lot of ptr, on every class, so I can see things like Rsham out aoeing frost mage as a healer. You think acid rain is bad? Take away the healing and it’s blizzard. Look at the big picture. There is no healer with with the kind of aoe you’re advocating for any more. Disc lost mind sear. Rsham damage is already the best among healers by a pretty big margin. It has tools for low target and high target count. Y’all are at the new pinacle and asking for buffs. Look around.

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I don’t understand this post. You start off by saying how good Resto Shaman DPS is (I assume in comparison to other healers) Then you say this…

Are you making a comment about HOW Resto Shaman DPS in DF or just about the tuning of the skills? If it’s the latter then why did you say Resto Shaman DPS is maybe too good?

Wrong. I played all the other healers they are doing considerable more dps in pve and PvP. Restore dps in PvP is basically no existent now and in mythic plus it’s worthless

I was speaking of resto DPS in SL in S4, not on PTR.

I was commenting on how bad the DPS was/is and trying to acknowledge that I may have been doing something wrong in the post. I don’t THINK I was, but was trying to respect the fact that I may have been missing something.

Agreed. Honestly both our hps and dps are sitting at the bottom among all healers now. Healing is not the advantage of Resto Shaman at all. The reason we ranked higher in SL is our dps contribution. Now we are losing this only advantage. Blizzard is sacrificing Resto Shaman for the new mail healing class… which is sad.