Resto Druids To Learn From

Which are top Resto druid players to learn M+ & Raiding from?

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The best way to learn is from experience. (It’s hard to explain but - while you can learn and watch how players react to certain scenarios like when to dps, when to use cooldowns, etc., most of the class you must master on your own. You have to learn how the class “feels” so to speak)

That being said - jdot is a great druid player. but he’s very experimental, like many of the top rated resto druids are…so maybe not ideal to learn from (at least not from just watching :grinning:)? still he’s always answering questions and can help you out though!

(if you have experience as a healer already, I’d say you’re in good shape to learning this class!)

good luck friend. :love_letter:


Also yumytv on youtube. He is one of the top m+ healers in multiple classes


Agreed. The problem with watching top players is that they already understand the mechanics and are just handling them with minimal fuss. Unless you have a caster or something calling out all the little things that they’re doing, you’re probably not even going to notice. They make it look easy, which is a far cry from your average PUG.

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Second for yumytv. They’re good-natured, not “toxic” (as far as I can tell so far), and they have many explanatory videos. I’ve learned a lot about resto priorities, spell and npc interactions, and UI things like addons.

Super helpful.

I 3rd yumytv

Stuff is good, relevant, and good fun presentation.

Theres a EU healer named madskillzztv that is also good to watch and already has a bunch of guides. Both him and yum aren’t maining druid this season tho so they won’t have as much druid content as their main healers.

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4th for yumytv (growl). Monster of a player, and has a really fun attitude.

He does a “pugging it up” series where he makes new characters and pugs them through m+. You get to see one of the worlds best players in situations you never normally would.

People are right about him not having much druid content in SL, as he’s playing a lot of rsham and disc. However, I think you’d learn a lot even watching his BFA videos.

This is very true. Both of them played druid when it was best in M+, but have shifted away because it’s not anymore.

It’s been a little disheartening as new druid main looking for experienced druids, but there’s plenty of old content to draw from. You can also keep tabs on the latest builds and strats without them.

i haven’t even heard of yumytv before, i’ll have to check him out!