Resto druid's playstyle feels substantially worse in raid this season

I was trying to give this iteration of resto a chance before judging it too harshly, but I would be surprised if the majority of resto druid mains didn’t agree with me that the new playstyle feels a lot less fun and expressive. The heavier emphasis on ramping that we had last patch gave us a clear identity and style that felt good to execute.

That was replaced by a playstyle of slapping out rng trees all over the place that do a large amount of our healing. The numbers aren’t the worst in the world, but it feels pretty lifeless and disjointed compared to what we had before, where we’re still kind of ramping up before damage events in that we make sure to have hots ticking on everyone and then give those hots a small extension and buff during the damage window with flourish, but it’s much more geared towards higher sustained throughput with small bumps that don’t come anywhere close to the highs that we were capable of before, which feels a bit awkward and lacking compared to the likes of disc priest who got to keep their ramping playstyle while being buffed.

I hope that this season isn’t an indicator of how they want resto druid to feel going forward. I’ve been maining rdruid a long time (Have 288 days, 16 hours /played on my druid, the vast majority of which is playing resto) and can’t see myself ever main swapping, but it would definitely be disappointing for this to be what raid healing is like from now on with the reliance on running incarn and pet trees

On the flip side, this playstyle suits M+ really well and is fun to execute, so at least we have that.

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Agreed. I can’t believe they just gutted the most satisfying and iconic healing style in a game for absolutely no reason.

Easily could’ve made old flourish a choice node with trees but noooo

Nothing will ever come close to the dopamine bomb that is full hot ramping a group or raid and popping flourish and seeing health bars literally flourish

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The Flourish playstyle, as you described it, only became the go-to cookie-cutter spec choice relatively recently. Prior to that it had to compete with other talent choices and/or only had synergy with certain legendaries, etc.

So… How did you play your Druid before Flourish became the crown-jewel of the cookie-cutter build? Because we were doing fine back then too. The only way someone would think of Flourish as “iconic” is if they’ve only played a Druid for a few years.

I’ve never liked the Flourish play style. I stuck with Verdant Infusion instead and managed to do just fine. These recent changes were amazing because I pretty much dodged all the nerfs but still benefited heavily from all the buffs that they gave in compensation for nerfing talents like Flourish and Luxuriant Soil that I wasn’t even using. It’s not uncommon for me to double the healing of other healers now in many cases.


Yeah you gotta chill with this man. Just because you played a substantially weaker build than the meta demanded doesn’t mean it was fine. Just means it was fine for what you were specifically needing.

The spec had a niche to play. The harder the difficulty went, the more reliant it was on playing the optimal build. There was a reason flourish was required in high content.

The key word being “was”. There was a reason why it got nerfed.

I dont hate the new playstyle but i do miss old flourish, its one less big ramp payoff which was fun to work around boss abilities and tranq still feels weak.

I havent experienced the mana problems i keep hearing about but ive seen others suffering real bad so maybe its a gear thing or just me using MS to recover mana during downtime so often.

In keys nothing really feels changed besides having some slightly stronger single target and us habing really good kitty damage.

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It got nerfed because all major throughput CDs got nerfed. So, no.

Druid feels bad. I’ve played every iteration of it since Wrath, and this is the least fun I’ve had in that time. Our raid performance aside, the spec is just flat out less fun now than it was before. It’s also much easier to play, which seems contrary to blizzards stated goals.

A 3% aura buff does literally nothing to fix this problem.

I’ve been playing since 8.3. I guess compared to a lot of older players that’s not long, but I think the “you’ve only been playing this spec for 4 years? Why do you think you can have an opinion” angle is a bit rough.

Throughout SL flourish ramped up in importance though especially with the introduction of convoke leading to a few combos. Our non-flourish CDs also have historically been much stronger.

Pressing tranquility alone feels like a joke compared to how it used to-- yes, it’s still a decent healing CD, but it’s been mostly a secondary healing CD vs pre-nerf flourish due to its power, so now we just don’t have any strong burst CDs. Tranq’s biggest strength nowadays is its ability to reduce everything else’s CD while also filling in for moderate damage windows for the sake of efficiency.


I have been adapting. I’m 4/9M and 2900 io so far. My parses are at least not bad, and I’m not playing the new playstyle incorrectly.

My issue isn’t a lack of adaptation. I am complaining about the new playstyle not because of failing at it, but saying that it feels less fun.

the key word isn’t was. It is required in high end raiding. I stated in my OP that this is about raid exclusively, and anyone who runs VI in raid is straight up trolling.

I always played flourish and it slapped.