Resto Druid Wishlist Post 10.7

1.) Innervate baseline.
2.) Improve sunfire baseline into sunfire.
3.) Separate Mass entangle and Typhoon into their own node.
4.) For the love of all that is nature and trees in this world of warcraft game. Fix our mastery, and haste stats they literally don’t mean a thing!

5.) I want a new mastery this one is literally garbage.
6.) rejuvenation still costs way too much mana.
7.) lifebloom should be 19 seconds not 15.
8.) Remove Verdancy dependency on efflorescence.
9.) Moonfire, sunfire should not be costing so much mana.
10.) Luxriant Soil, Budding Leaves, Embrace of the wild should be 1 point nodes not 2.
11.) tranquil mind should be baseline into Flash clarity. There is no reason to place 3 talents into an omen of clarity.

Mana is a total problem for druids in PVP!!! FIX THIS!

Dream state tranquility talent changed.
Tranquility should be cast while moving.
Tranquility is immune to knockback.
Tranquility CD reduced by 60 seconds.

That way it can be the mobility version of tranquility. The other one Inner Peace is the defensive version of tranquility.

DISPEL PROTECTION IS A HUGEEE PROBLEM FOR RESTO IN PVP. Everyone has purge and with our mana costs this is not effective for us to heal.

13.) Deep roots talent node for druid base tree.

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Is this entire post about PvP?

Pretty sure rdruids are the goats of PvE

Is this PvP or pve? Damn this was kinda solid. Not gunna lie lol