Resto Druid LF> Heroic Raid/mythic prog

Hello I have returned to the game 3 days ago( April 5th) and I am looking to start raiding for heroic and eventually mythic. Last time I played was during uldir and I mained Aff lock can provide logs(character name Sweetmusk-Auchindoun 96 average parse on mythic uldir).

This time around I’m trying out healer(Resto druid currently looking at maybe trying Mistweaver). I use to be in a Hardcore raiding guild called Prevenge on Laughing-Skull and this time around i’m looking for something a bit more casual as I dont have as much free time. Please pm me if interested My character name is Lunchbox-Auchindoun i’m currently 450 ilvl.

Hey there! I am the GM of No Place Like Gnome. I see you’re horde currently but I dropped the recruit add below that has a bit more information and our btags and discord are down there as well! Hope to hear from you!

No Place Like Gnome is an Alliance guild on the Dalaran[US] server! Our main goal is to AoTC and push into mythic at a semi serious but fun pace. We are a tight knit groups of players ranging from 18 to 50 years old.

We raid on Friday and Saturday at 9pm EST to 12am EST.

Our current progression is AotC Nya with 3/12 Mythic bosses down (working on Hivemind).

We are looking for 3 strong dps (Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Monk, Rogue, Demon Hunter) who can commit to the 6 hour raid schedule above. Who knows how to play their class (or is willing to learn and get better).

If you have never raided before, we can teach you. If you need higher ilvl, we can gear you. If you need a helpful setting, this guild is for you.

Our other hobbies include: Mythic+ dungeons (pushing and failing), achievement runs, farming of all types (mats, pvp kills, mounts) and dicking around in discord.

If you are interested in joining No Place Like Gnome to raid please contact us on BNET at Darthbane526#1143 or taylourene#1601 OR Discord at Nan#4461

If you just want a friendly social home, you can /who in game and anyone can invite you.

still looking

still looking