Resto Druid LF a Guild

I have recently returned to the game after a few month break and am looking to join a Heroic raiding guild.
I’ve been a raider at all levels over the years, but now as a busy “adult” I’m just looking to enjoy some camaraderie and slay internet dragons at a filthy casual pace.

I am also a big fan of M+ and would like a consistent group to run them with.

I am available most evenings after 8pm EST, and any nights EXCEPT for Tuesday.

If I sound like a good fit for your guild, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading.

Whoops! Forgot to add: Paratorian#1892

Let me know if you would be interested in joining us

If you’re available weekends I’m currently building a heroic team that starts at 8pm EST and am in need of a healer for it! Please check us out <3

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@ [H] US - Mal’ganis

We are a dual raid team guild, led by CE raiders with previous leadership experience. One team is AOTC+/casual and the other is CE/semi-hardcore. Both raid atmospheres are laid back, but focused and goal oriented. We plan to fully launch our CE team by Patch 8.3.

We do not cater to the easily offended, nor do we want players who think it’s interesting or cool to act like a high schooler.

Weekday CE Team Information
Tuesday: 5 - 9pm Central
Thursday: 5 - 9pm Central
Goal: Achieve CE every tier and sell heroic runs on our off days.
Needs: All - We are building exclusively for 8.3

Weekend AOTC+ Team Information
Saturday: 7 - 9pm Central
Sunday: 7 - 9pm Central
Goal: Achieve AOTC every tier and dabble in Mythic for fun.
Needs: DPS, Heals, OFF-spec tanks

Interested? Apply now! It’s super fast and easy. :heart:

oh wow Para you’d fit in so well with Pak.

We’re a long standing guild that’s been around in one MMO or another since Everquest 1 and we have a definite soft spot for Druids. It’s tradition. We run our heroic progression team W/TH 9-11:30pm ET and AOTC all of the things. When not doing that we love our M+s, warfronts, expeditions, achievements - pretty much all of the things … while balancing the need for ‘adulting time’.

Will reach out to you directly,

Bnet Peregryn#1292
Disc Peregryn#6031

Hello there! I am the GM of NPLG. We are on the Dalaran server alliance side. Our guild consists of many busy adults who want to enjoy our 15 dollars spent. You would be a good addition to our guild. I will post our recruitment message below which has more information and contact btags/discord!


No Place Like Gnome is an Alliance guild on the Dalaran[US] server! Our main goal is to AoTC and push into mythic at a semi serious but fun pace. We are a tight knit groups of players ranging from 18 to 50 years old.

We raid on Friday and Saturday at 9pm EST to 12am EST. Our current progression is AotC TEP, CoS, BoD, and Uldir. We are looking for an Aotc and progression into mythic raiding when 8.3 drops!

We are looking for 1 healers (rShaman, Hpally, MWmonk) and strong dps (any) who can commit to the 6 hour raid schedule above. Who knows how to play their class (or is willing to learn and get better).

If you have never raided before, we can teach you. If you need higher ilvl, we can gear you. If you need a helpful setting, this guild is for you.

Our other hobbies include: Mythic+ dungeons (pushing and failing), achievement runs, farming of all types (mats, pvp kills, mounts) and dicking around in discord.

If you are interested in joining No Place Like Gnome to raid please contact me at (bnet) Darthbane526#1143 or taylourene#1601
(discord) taylourene#4461

If you just want a friendly social home, you can /who in game and anyone can invite you.