Resto Druid 4 Piece T10

WOTLK Classic

Resto Druid 4 Piece T10 Issues:

  • The Rejuv that procs from the 4pc bonus does NOT appear on raid frames.
  • The Rejuv that procs from the 4pc bonus CANNOT be overwritten, but you still lose a GCD and mana if you try to cast over it.

Just got my 4 set and can confirm. Hope this gets fixed soon.

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Hey just wanted to say I forwarded this to the team and tested it. It seems like because original WotLK didn’t have raid frames by default like we do now - we have to add this different spell ID rejuv. We’ll try to do that in the next few days.

As for the not being able to overwrite the proc - you can overwrite it at all times UNLESS the proc is stronger than the rejuv you’d apply. It’s weird it takes your GCD and Mana, and when I tested it - it was accurate to 3.3.5 so we don’t have an easy fix for it. But in the mean time hopefully you can avoid these wasted GCDs when we put this rejuv on the raid frames.

Thanks for the report, I learned about this here. And sorry there is some friction with your tier set.


Can confirm its not to do with the rejuv being stronger probaly somthing to do with it
being a completely different spell id

You cannot overwrite it if both rejuvs are equal in spell power – just tested it. Almost certain it has nothing to do with the spell power of either rejuv.

Looks like its fixed

you can see the procced rejuvs on raid frames? I couldnt on elvui but that may require them to update for it.

the spell ID is 70691. can now see it on elvui frames by adding it to aura filters

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Can you show me your tests on this? My tests are resulting in the rejuv that gets placed by the tier being 1 healing worse per tick than my current rejuv so I can overwrite it every time if equal or it would be stronger.
Only time I can’t overwrite it is if it proc’d during spell power increase of some kind.

Life saver, thank you! Wouldn’t have thought of this. (Still an issue… not sure if it’s just ElvUI at this point).