Resto Druid (211 IL) 10/10H LF Weekend Team


I’m looking for a heroic weekend team, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I’m IL 211 Resto Druid. I’ve cleared 10/10H on my Rest Shaman and Holy Priest. I love raiding and have time to raid on weekends. I’m always early to raid and don’t miss raids. It’ll be hard to catch me on my Druid, I’m a altoholic. My B-Tag is Divinaty#1483. I’m mainly looking for a solid Heroic raiding team. I’ll dabble in Mythic. I use to be HUGE in Mythic raiding and use to clear all the raids on mythic while it was current content. But I’ve lost the taste for mythic raiding and only want to dabble in mythic and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if I didn’t do it at all.