Resto AoE Damage

Would be kinda cool if they brought Hurricane back for resto druids so they could have a channeled AoE damaging abilities in dungeons like mistweaver’s spinning crane kick, maybe even put in a talent called monsoon rain or something that made it also give a slight heal or something, like the reverse of Acid Rain for Shaman. It feels kinda lame trying to do meaningful AoE damage right now as a resto druid in dungeons (especially lower keys where you’re kinda just blazing through) and being able to hot people up and then go in with a devastating hurricane would be fun.


With the 90% increase to wrath and starfire coming in the .2 patch, combined with mastershapeshifter to give mana back upon using those, not only is it more dps then kittyweaving by a LARGE margin on both single target and multi target, you also get insane mana regen.

Any group of 4+ moonfire is a dps loss over just sunfire spread and starfire your face off.

Starfire is the answer to your question. It’s massive AoE damage unlike druid have seen all xpac