Responding to Ion/Morgan's Interview RE: Raids

Please don’t base mythic raid tuning on the RWF/Hall of Fame. That’s a very small percentage of the player base that does mythic raids which is already a very small percentage of the overall player base that raids in general.

It used to be we’d see consistent nerfs after RWF ended and then after Hall of Fame closed but over the course of SL/DF the Hall of Fame has been much slower to fill due to the difficulty of the raids. So, the nerfs have come out much later.

You also have bosses like Tindral (and to a lesser extent Smolderon and Nelth) that were walls due to their mechanics. Having multiple mechanics where if a single person messes up once it wipes the raid is a way to kill guilds or at least their players’ desire to raid. My guild had 611 wipes (a lot in p1) on Tindral alone and 285 wipes on Nelth. During those bosses, we had multiple people stop raiding/leave the guild. By the time we finally killed them we were so burnt out that we didn’t even attempt Fyrakk or Sarth.

Even in mythic raids you should be able to overcome one person messing up a mechanic. Big AOE damage, sure. Insta-kill the player the messed up, sure. But complete raid wipes should be kept to a minimum if it’s something that one person can cause.

The combination of tuning and one-shot raid wipe mechanics makes the possibility of even getting to the last boss and having a chance to get CE incredibly difficult. I want mythic raiding to be challenging but I also don’t want it to feel impossible or sap my desire to do it because the tuning and mechanics make certain bosses a hard wall.

So, I’m not asking for nerfs that would mythic raid farmable, I would just like the likelihood of killing bosses to be higher.


I personally agree with what was said.

They’ve recognized that having 2 bosses tuned like an end boss like tindral/fyrakk or avatar/kj is often too much. They’ve explained how nerfs are doing exactly what you want, increase the likelihood of killing bosses. They’ve also recognized that the timing of nerfs could be better and they’re thinking of adding some type of borrowed power system to compensate gearing not being as strong of a nerf.

I also think it’s fair that even after nerfs CE feels challenging, it shouldn’t feel like a buffed heroic raid. Mythic is made to be a hard difficulty and that means that not everyone should be able to get CE. To some point that means sometime that mechanics have to be extremely punishing and I think that’s fair to be expected from the last bosses of the hardest difficulty.

Personally, the more challenging fights are my favorite parts of doing mythic raiding and even if I don’t play at the hall of fame level I like my content to still feel challenging when I get to it and in many ways often I wish they hadn’t nerfed some fights mechanically so much. In sepulcher the nerfs they did to the Jailer on mythic just made me totally uninterested with the content and I decided to take an early break (that and announcing a shorter season because of fated).