Respect to all healers

I mean it.

Picked up my priest again today, the ammount of ignorant spastics that play this game and don’t peel for their healers made me delete it.



Amen to that.

I am ok with them not peeling, but them chasing after a warlock/mage/hunter while opponent’s healer is free casting? thats when I log my DH/Warrior instead.


Story of my life.
I main a 477 survival hunter, if i see a healer, i make it my duty to ruin his life.


I wish I can team w you in every bg I queue as a healer.

Thank you for this thread :slight_smile:

On occasion I have stood among a group of DPS within 10-20 yards of them and said “get this ret off me” , and have been left ignored.

Reroller Warlocks and Mages are the worst offenders. They will often prioritize damage over CC, which is no bloody good when Im down to 30% HP while the melee on me are at full health :roll_eyes:

At which point I name and shame and wont heal them for awhile :smiling_imp: :rofl:

Half the time Im convinced they dont even recognise me as a healer.

I now run with 2 Mages who peel for me whenever they can, and the quality of life (and living) has substantially improved :beer:


I was just saying the other day on here how ill feel unstoppable some matches standing eye hole deep in the zerg, and others its always some damn rogue or hunter just harassing me all match and i cant do squat haha

Maybe i was one of those ruined lives! Hahaha

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Thank you for the appreciation. I estimate that abot 75% of matches I get stuck defending a node alone while damage dealers go off and fight then complain that they aren;t getting heals.


For the dps players, do note that every single class have some form of snare, stun etc. When we say peel, we really mean slowing or CCing the attackers so your friendly neighbourhood healers can do their jump without 3 ret paladins and 2 rogues doing chacha down our spines.

It really does not take more than 2 secs to pop those snares and stuns/CCs.

Thank you in advance.


I just tank everything and heal everything. Typically works out. If I get peels…I mean I’m standing in the middle of it all already so whatever


Thank you for the thread! There is something fun about battleground healing. It’s not so much about trying to keep everyone alive or even key players, but more like throwing heals out into a wad of players and seeing what happens.

Then again, I’m also one of those people who’ll heal a quest mob that other faction players are trying to down, so there’s that :upside_down_face:


I love looking at battlegroundenemies and see that 4 people are targeting the prot pally while 2 healers are just free casting in the back. (A real situation I had last night)

You haven’t truly picked up your healer yet until you have been blamed for the loss…“the problem is that they had much better healers than we did”.


Healing is a tough job, very true

But let’s not forget being a healer doesn’t make you immune to criticism

That said, thanks for healing, and I will continue to peel for you


Yes! And at the same time you have the highest amount of healing done too…


Sure, but there is a difference between criticism and just bashing on someone


Of course, I’ve just seen backlash when no backlash was necessary. Valid criticism shouldn’t be ignored no matter what your role is

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But as we know 9/10 DPS in random BG’s are absolute godlike heroes that never do anything wrong and will call you trash and rubbish just because you didnt cleanse them once.

Healing in BG’s is honestly hard right now with the disgusting corruption system.


and then they are the first ones to cry “man that healer sucks”


No, and that includes both DPS and tanks, from a PVE perspective. Standing in fire is bad. Not interrupting, offensively dispelling, or using personal utility is bad. Pulling the boss when the healer is at 10% mana because the DPS is saying “gogogo” is very bad.

BG heals, all I ask is for help in peeling. It gets frustrating when I’m still getting trained after hitting by knockback and Psychic Scream, and I’m having to sit in Barrier with PS and Rapture shield spamming hoping someone will lend a hand.

I guess my guild is bad then.