Respeccing cost too high for low levels?

Every MMO needs a goldsink, Classic is no exception. But why make the gold sink targeted at a system that is supposed to get people invested in their class?

I understand having a high cost at max level, but why can’t they atleast offer a discount for people who are leveling and want to try new builds?

50 gold is kinda brutal at 60, but you at least have ways to make that kind of money. How is a new player supposed to undo builds that aren’t working/make the leveling experience horrific?

“Get it right the first time” or “Use third party talent calculator” seem like bandaid solutions to such a simple problem.


Yeah, I agree. This 2005 game isn’t a great MMO design.

I’m already up to 30g on my paladin respecs, at level 36


I actually have a talent calculator app on my phone. I use it all the time for testing out random builds to see if something will pan out in any way.

If you want to min/max, then you should research what you want out of your class before making a decision.

If you want to switch specs for pvp, and again for pve, then you have to sink some gold.


I planned out my leveling spec, and only respecced once before 60 when I got a Krol Blade.


It should honestly cost more, seeing how it isn’t actually deterring you from respecing.

Make your choices matter.


Plenty of player options to mitigate this without changing the game. Use one of them.
We went over them in your last thread on this and the one before that and the one before that and…

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Sounds like punishment for poor decision making.


We’re not trying to min-max. We trying something different to find something we like.

There’s no point discussing if it was right or not. That’s the way it was designed so deal with it yo.


Remember in Diablo II when it was, “Delete your character and make a new one, then.” if you made any mistakes? :slight_smile:


yeah except in diablo you could go from 1-80s in like less than a day so not really a fair comparison

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It wasn’t meant to be a “fair” comparison. I don’t think anything is meant to be “fair,” really either, anyway :slight_smile:

Diablo II also had a hardcore mode, but who cares.

OBVIOUSLY, there is nothing wrong with the current respec costs in Classic and they are not going to change. This isn’t Classic+ or “Some game based on old school WoW.”

Retail has free respecs. That’s one of the things that I personally prefer about it. :slight_smile:

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There is no possible way to build so badly you cannot get to 60 and clear all content available to us right now.

You dont even need to spend talent points at all, the base classes are good enough. What you are asking for is to make it easier to min-max, and there is no reason to do that. If people want to min-max, getting the gold to do it is part of the process.


How do you get up to 50g respects before 60?

That’s like 10-11 respecs.


You can level to 60 without taking any talent points. There isn’t a “mistake” that is going to hinder you bad enougj to stop you. May slow you down but that’s what being a noob is all about. Learning.
Trying to help new players the way you want to help them actually hirts them in the long run.
Let them figure some stuff out. Learn from their mistakes and their guildies. It builds character, freiendships, and community.
Coddling them with have the exact opposite effect.

this applies to 99.999% of posts in this forum

protip: OP is LARPing and doesnt even play Classic, otherwise he would know you can get to 60 without even spending talent points

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And in classic you can farm 50g in a few hours at lvl 30 without professions…

So not like it’s overly expensive…


It’s not poor decision making. I haven’t made any mistake with my build whatsoever. I’ve followed the rogue classic leveling guide down to the letter.

I’d just like to try sub, especially the 100% crit ambush build with opportunity, imp ambush, and remoreless attacks.

I just hate knowing that I can’t experiment without getting crewed out of my mount at 40.

Then don’t “crew” yourself, until after you get your mount.

Wait until you get your epic mount if you don’t want to waste your gold before then.

Or you know, just spend the gold and live with your decision. What’s the worst that can happen? You have to earn another 50 gold?