Reserve Your Name in WoW Classic on August 12 at 3:00 p.m. PDT

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Ahhh ok.

I answered so surely too, sorry guys!


If it’s anything like Vanilla, you’ll get a list that looks like this, posted somewhere. We knew the timezones when they announced the list, the first time around, and there’s never been any reason to hide them.


If you happen to live in Wisconsin…come here and give me a hug :blush:



aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the EU reserve name date!? :smiley:


Uuuuuuuuuuuuse a timezone calculator.



Almost as if it was on the… ya know. . eu forums :wink:


Point of note @Bornakk that thread is unlisted which is why when I looked in the EU forums, I couldn’t find it.


Wowhead’s Classic site has a dressing room that you can use to decide prior to name reservations becoming available so you will know exactly what you want and can select those options when you make the character; I think it should take you less than twenty seconds to make a character if you know what you want ahead of time.


That is the way it use to be, so curious too

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LF RPPvP guild and server.


Great news!

Please consider listing timezones on the realm status list.


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<----- super pumped. Hype overload…


The Realm Status webpage does list Timezones. And since we’re getting the list before creation, that’d be the logical place to list them.


Fixed, thanks for mentioning it!


So excited! Hoping to re-make my Troll Hunter from vanilla-Wrath days, though I doubt the original name would be available. Definitely going to take advantage of this so that, on release day, I can hop in and play!


and what name is that??


Woo hoo! Thanks!

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Thex, of course.


Will we be able to reserve through the web? Or will we have to log on the actual game client?