Reroll LF home in SL

Hello folks! I’m a long time WoW player who just recently got back from deployment and am looking for a home for Shadowlands. My current plans are to main a healer (Paladin, Shaman, or Priest). I have Mythic aspirations, but understand I don’t have the logs to back up those goals. As such, I’m hoping for a guild that at least intends to try Mythic, if not going for the gold so to speak.

If you are interested in what I bring or would like to talk a little more about who I am and what I can do for your guild, please feel free to message me on Discord (Syltphademus#8872) or on Bnet (Syltphademus#1513). As a note, I plan on rerolling a character, so any server or faction is fine. Thanks for reading!

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Hey bud I attempted to add you on discord but you are not currently accepting any requests. add me in discord at lala#0869 we can chat a bit.

[A][US][Aerie-Peak]< Crimson Royals > are now recruiting! We’re a friendly guild of players who are looking to challenge ourselves and improve against high-level Shadowlands content, such as raids and Mythic+ dungeons. Come and join us if you would like to pit yourself against the best the game has to offer! Our raiding times are Thurs/Sat 9:00pm - 12:00pm EST, and we’re open to players of all skill levels who are looking for a challenge!

US - Horde

Guild: Suspects

Raid Times: T/W/TH 11PM-2AM EST

Server: Illidan

About our guild-

Respect - We must all earn and give respect, to each other, to others as we meet and to ourselves. Be

Passionate and Determined - With passion and determination we can achieve our goals, whilst also enjoying the game without feeling like it is a chore

Teamwork and Collaboration - Working together and helping each other is how to make a community thrive.

Continuous Improvement - Only when you can accept that you do not know everything, are you open to learn new things.

Have fun - relax, enjoy the ride; we never know how long it will last.

What we want out of our raiders:

There is an expectation that raiders maintain at least a 90% attendance.

Having a microphone is very important especially when there are important call outs that requires a raid as a whole to understand what you are trying to convey

Flexibility (You might not be in on every boss fight, You will see all bosses but raid progression takes priority)

The current goal in mind for Suspects is to take things more seriously and with this in mind it requires players to learn the fights and have a good understanding of the fights.

Recruitment Needs: Fresh tier, all are welcome.

All Classes and specs will be given an opportunity if you have the experience and logs to prove you are exceptional.

Add Starkk#1730 for more information.

Thank you!! for your time.

Adversary [H] A52 is looking for a couple of DPS looking to push CE in SL. We are a group of friends who have been raiding together for a couple of years just looking for a quality raiders and people to add to our raid team!

Feel free to contact me on discord or battle net.

Discord: Muralator#5184

BNET: Blazer#1872

Hey syltauren,

Our guild is newer to Area-52. We transferred to play with a bunch of friends of our friends. Most of us are veteran raiders who raided at a Mythic level. The guild community is 21+. We always clear AOTC in a reasonable timeframe, and will be running mythic once we have cleared AOTC. We plan on raiding a little later at nights running from:

Tu/Th - 10:30 PM EST - 1:30 PM EST

We are currently full on tanks, but are recruiting the following:

Ranged DPS - Need
Melee DPS - Need

Currently 12/12 H and 3/12 M

We try to keep an active community that runs more than just raids. We plan on running raids, mythic + keys, rated battlegrounds, and arenas.

If you are interested in our guild, or would like more information please message Axial #1159 on BNET

Hey Syltauren,

Take a look at our recent post. It sounds like we could be a good fit for you.
Please reach out to me if you are interested or if you have any questions.

Btag is Kinka#1154

Hey there! I’ll post a little snippet of our guild, and if we’re not the choice for you, I hope you find a guild that suits you well :smiley:
<Øminous Latin Name> is a casual progression raid focused guild, that transferred from Horde to Ally on Sargeras, along with M+ and some PvP! Fun environment, and of course drama free. We’re a Discord active community and actively looking to build our core raiding team, as we are preparing for Shadowlands.
Schedule [all times are EST]
Raid: Friday/Saturday 7pm-10pm [12/12 H] [3/12 M]
Mythic Plus: Everyday
Interested in joining us? Contact Lebron on Bnet: [RoscoeStache#1797] or Caleb [thesleeper#11618] to learn more.
Thank you!

Hello Syltauren!

Thank you for serving. We would love to have you! We are a new guild, but all of our current raiders are AOTC and/or some mythic experience either in bfa or other expansions. We are trying to develop a raid team that loves to raid with each other and push the farthest we can. While we are building, AOTC is the goal. If we are able to raid mythics, then absolutely we will raid mythics!

If you are interested or have any questions, let me know!
-Discord: Tano#7981
-Btag: Caseclosed#11853

Thank you!

We are an active guild trying to add to our team. This is a very social group with a positive and inviting attitude. ALL (LGBTQIA/RACE) persons are safe and welcomed in our community. We are searching for an experienced ranged dps, but any other class/spec is welcomed to show interest. People that are willing to backup tank or heal is a bonus. As stated before, this is a fun environment that strives for inclusion and a positive experience for all.

Our raid times are as follows:
Friday & Saturday: 8-11 p.m EST


  • Our main focus is AOTC, but we do push mythic content
  • Active player with good attendance
  • Willing to do dungeons
  • Open to coaching
  • We help with repairs, and flasks


  • Very active Discord server
  • Activities outside of WoW (Game night)
  • Alt raids

Contacts for more information
InTheShadows#1278 Raid leader
Okashiro#11455 Guild leader
Kenoshis#1451 Floor tank

SUP SUP! We’d love to add a healer to our team as we take on some mythic bosses. If you can make wed and mon 9-midnight central. Feel free to check us out!