Requesting information on Vote kick RDF feature on PTR

1st…players are only asking about original wrath RDF which prevented abuses…so why did blizzard brought the wrong Version of rdf in the first place?

the ptr has 2x servers ptr1(pve) & ptr2(pvp) and the current rdf allowed you to group with people from both so i expect rdf to connect all servers in NA or it might only connect all servers on east coast together and all servers on west coast together.

for your last question…you don’t need to do the 3x new dungeons to enter the raid, and tbh i don’t recall that you ever needed to do that in original wrath but it’s hard to remember such thing from 15years.

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Or if the group thinks your gear score is too low and boot you. Why should you get a debuff for trying to fix that?

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Maybe it was just the 3 dungeons in a row before doing them randomly then. Like you said hard to remember.

I feel like people are jumping the gun on freaking out. The PTR is… a PTR. Stuff isn’t done. RDF doesn’t even have the first completion per day bonus finished yet. I’m sure they know that vote-kicking is messed up, but realistically, how many people do you need to boot from a group on a testing realm?

Forge of Souls can be done immediately (normally or RDF) but the other 2 require doing the quest chain to do, in either way.


Sorry the people back when Wrath was originally out were far more mature and helpful. Everyone was happy to just play the game. Now if you don’t do what someone else wants they rage and act like a baby. The online community now is exponentially more toxic and that is a side effect from Retail and social media.

RDF is needed more then ever and people log in every day just to be toxic to everyone in their path. It’s a shame. The internet should of united us not divided us.

People today are the worst.

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The Forge of souls > Pit of Saron > Halls of reflection
Yes you won’t get Pos/HoR in queue and you won’t be able to select them Unless you finish the quest chain which start inside FoS.

…that was not the question.

RDF isnt going to rid the toxicity its going to enhance it. Oh you want to do a full clear of one of the many dungeons that has skips.

Vote to kick


You accidentally pulled on a skip and wiped the party. Vote to kick.


Oh man only 5k gearscore in a gamma. Vote to kick.

So yes you are correct because the game was way better in 2008-09.

i don’t think they will add such thing in classic because they already add 2x new quests instead which rewards you the [Emblem of Frost] as long as the regular daily heroic which also reward [Emblem of Frost]

as you can see in the picture… 3x quests for today “UK”

-the regular daily heroic quest which reward 2x [Emblem of Frost]
-a new daily heroic quests to reward 2x [Emblem of Frost] instead of putting “1st completion per day bonus”
-a new quest just for gamma for daily heroic to reward 3x [Emblem of Frost] instead of the bag that dropped in beta.

-weekly quest for 10x [Emblem of Frost]

Under “Additional Known Issues”

so you want to make the whole group vote kick each other to get out without having deserter?

it’s not about enough votes…it’s always 3:2 or 2:1 to pass So if only 3x player(ABC) in dungeon then if player A initiate the kick on player B, player b will be kicked if Player C pressed Yes and will get out without debuff as well.

But with only 2player in dungeon none of them can be kicked and one of them will have to leave and will get 30min debuff, last one can leave without getting it.

hmm…well i’ve been earning 7x Emblems of Frost per day in past few days from daily hc, so i guess they will nerf that :S

This needs to be changed. I need to hop on PTR and test it out myself.

3 or less need to be able to leave the grp without penalty.

and kicks should not inflict penalty either. Some lower GS players will never be able to run dungeons due to constant kicks and deserters.

kick doesn’t inflict penalty if it’s done at start of dungeon, but i don’t think blizzard should change it and not inflict penalty if you leaves on your own even if only 3players in dungeon.

because if you’re already in dungeon that means the auto queue will give your group a priority in filling and you’ll get 2players joining you in no time.

i still would want blizzard to bring the original rdf system which didn’t allow anyone to vote kick anyone else in first 15min of dungeon to prevent abusers from kicking low gs at start of dungeon, Also if a player didn’t like the dungeon he joined then he/she can leave with consequences of getting 30min deserter.

What if there is no tank for 10+ minutes?
It happens. In theory, you should get priority, or so it states. In reality, doesn’t seem to work that way. You can wait for over 10m to get tank AND healer queued in.

If it’s 3 or under, people need to be able to leave.
What if they CANT beat the boss. Or HoR escape from LK and they get overwhelmed. Low dps. What if its 3 rogues? Simply not enough AoE.

So they gotta be stuck in there forever or take a hit?

That’s actually super dumb.

  • kicks should never inflict penalty.
  • You must be able to leave if its 3 or under w/o penalty.

And then they can sit afk in town refusing to leave holding dungeon hostage too.
On pserver, you get banned for that. In Classic, no one care.

“kick me” “kick me I won’t leave” “just kick me” /afk

OG RDF let you kick people sooner and without cd if they were outside of the dungeon for 3 minutes, iirc.

ok…So your tank left and you believe that you should leave without getting deserter.
when i said your group will have priority and will fill in no time you said

i see your point But
if there is no tanks in queue then there is no point to leave without deserter because you won’t find group when you queue again after you leaves.
So what is the point from you having Deseret or not? Either 1-you stay and your group fills fast, Or 2- no tank group not filling > you leave with debuff because you won’t find another group anyway even if you don’t have deserter.

you won’t because if +30min passed while waiting inside the dungeon to fill and the group isn’t filling(no tank or no healer or not both) then you 2~4 can leave without getting deserter.

is this a joke? you must be kidding…
i’m assa so not even using aoe spec or cd’s and that’s my basic aoe vs 2groups in dung
wrath rogue in full aoe spec can break 100k dps at few mobs

i dunno if this is nerfed HoR or not but the escape seems easier than DTK Novos mobs from Stairs

as what invincible said.

also there is a report feature in classic about sabotage gameplay and more, i believe that blizzard already banning the players who’s entering bg’s and not participate because i know many who got banned for that, so probably any player who enter dungeon to afk or to stay outside holding the other 4x players hostage, he/she can get suspended for such action.

LMAO incredible

That’s great to know, thanks.

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