Guys you are getting distracted from the real issue at hand here. Blizzard must give warlocks what they require. Shadowbolt must be renamed to Spicy Purple Meatballs! - whose with me ?!?!?!?!?!?!

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@warear pretty much this.

@ifeel thanks for the link. ill post that in disc

@everyone sorry for posting this topic again.


You may be on the other faction, but you are one of us. #underdogs

Blizzard’s GM gave you an accurate response. A mistake of inserting another character name is only that, a mistake. It doesn’t make the GM a bot. Neither does copying and pasting, for that matter. If they’re handling multiple tickets on the same issue, the same response is valid.

GMs have limited abilities. To protect the integrity of the game, there are things their tools cannot do. If the issue reported is one they have the tools to address, they do. Otherwise, they refer the issue to QA / the developers, and the answer is going to be exactly what you got - GM can’t change your honor or number of kills, QA has reports of issue to handle.

Sometimes the devs do make adjustments after a fix is deployed, sometimes not. Multiple things could affect that decision, such as whether they can tell who it affected and what the correct values would have been, as well as whether it affected all players equally.

Go out side.
Get a breath of fresh air.
Realize that one of the most unimportant things in your life is how much honor you have in a video game.


Calm down

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Still missing after update on Tuesday

https: //ibb. co/MBhC5KN

i still dodnt know how to format

its bugged, pretty seriously at that.

Hey just so you know, it’s against the forum rules to post in all caps.

this might just be me thinking too hard but what if…

those 200 were just people following the suggestion from the forums and deleting and rerolling on pve?

Tilde key before and after link.

I doubt that, otherwise why did the forum allow it?

If what Meingott quoted is true, I would have these HKs on my weekly reset, which I do not.

Not just the honor either, the number of lifetime HKs is still very wrong

you don’t deserve those kills anyways, running around and griefing level 51’s. blizzard needs to rescind all honor gains until they fix their screw up.

no, it actually is against the Tos, because the dev downs team feels like they are being yelled at or something for being you know… whats the PC word for retarded?

HKs and honor recorded between 3 and 8 AM server time are going into the bit bucket. Sooner or later Blizzard will realize that it is happening.

Looks like they zero stuff out during roll over at about 3AM. But when picking records to roll over, they choose only stuff after 8AM the previous morning - leaving a 5 hour gap in the early morning hours.

Asking for a blue response is against CoC.


Reeeeealllly hoping they get this fixed soon. Not looking forward to thinking “wow if only I had all those missing kills, id be rank XX right now”







They don’t give much honor, do they?