Reporting player logs you out

Can anyone explain why reporting a bot logs me as soon as I go to finalize?

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Same reason this isn’t addressed:

Yes it has happened to me multiple times. After I report a botter for cheating I get instantly disconnected. Not always but sometimes.

I’ve also expirence the same problem, so odd

This is also a problem in retail, and it has been since WoD. I have no idea why. Also just as annoying, when you report someone, sometimes the last 20 or so lines of text in the chat frame just…vanish. WHY?

You have to report them when you are in range of them. If they zone into and instance or you get out of range of them in the world it does that.

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I have never had this happen to me, and I report many bots daily. It’s probably a connection issue on your end.

Not on my end if I attempted reporting the bot more than 5 times

Report in game bug with as much detail as you can.

Ie: I was trying to report a bot, when its character icon disappeared from my screen. I was still typing the report up, and when i pressed send, i was logged out of the game. Don’t know if the report went through or not. etc etc etc

No, it’s an “in range” issue. Especially when they zone into an instance they are technically on a different server which breaks it. In the open world it can’t get the GUID if you are out of range and it doesn’t pull that until you hit submit.