Report the player above you

Reported for not going a mile when I punted you

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Reported for not knowing how to properly punt. Also reported for punting.

Reported for insulting my punting, and for wearing that ridiculous plaid.

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I would never… but… well…

Reported for not having a fluffy tail.



Reported for not giving me all the cookies. Also reported for being an awesome Gnome.

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Reported for being greedy

You can help by helping us in the tail crusade. Your voice would mean a lot.





Thank you!


Reported for being the best gnome on the forums.



Reported for using a cool mog that nobody can see because you’re a Drood…

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Reported for an insufficient amount of chocolate chip on the cookie ratio.

Reported for looking strangely good in a white wedding gown


You guys can see it!

It’s because I picked out all the big chunks. :yum:

Reported for blaming it on Grumbles


Reported for violating Grumbles’ chocolate chip cookies.

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Reported for wearing a hat so I can’t look you in the eyes while I talk.

I couldn’t find anything wrong with you so I did some digging and found you only need 9 more mounts for

Looking at your mount list I saw 9 you need for easy farms :slight_smile:

Reported for the enchant being blue while the mog is red and silver. Such is a crime. And as a blood elf female, I feel like I have the right to make such a report. And have it moved to the top of the list. Fashion crimes are the worst.

No sorry that is wrong. If you look at this post here, I really wish corruption was never a thing

you will see why. :slight_smile:

You sure you name isn’t Karen?

Want the sad truth? My name’s actually John. Couldn’t be more bland.

I’d report John for being the wrong type of elf :elf:‍♀ come to the wild side!

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Reported for not wearing clean clothes. Look at all that build up!