Repeat After Me

Actually beta is very much like early access. Just wont be able to transfer to live when it’s done.

The big problem that happened today is the stress test was kind of sold as a sneak peek and not a “Please let us borrow an hour of your time to overload a server.”

Install now and get ready to rush our test realm as soon as it opens at 4:00pm PDT Wednesday, May 22, until 6:00pm PDT . Play up to level 5 and help us make sure we can provide the best experience possible when World of Warcraft Classic launches August 27, 2019.

They failed to mention that they invited an order of magnitude more people than there were slots for.

And then there was this:

You’re welcome to publicly share your experiences and adventures in the beta, so feel free to stream, record video, and post screenshots. Remember, your feedback will directly impact the quality of the final game—our developers are standing by!

I doubt they intended for the vast majority of people to stream being in a queue with thousands of people to only get DC’d over and over or watch a character creation failed dialog pop again again and again.

I think it’s safe to assume the forum issues during the stress test indicate just how many people were not getting into the stress test.

The email they sent out specifically calls it a stress test.

While not a lot of people were able to get in there was plenty that did as the streams show.


The problem is it strongly implies they will be stress testing playing the game to level 5. People planed around it spent hours trying to get in and couldn’t.

Just because a couple thousand people got in and and some made streams doesn’t mean there weren’t ten’s of thousands of people that couldn’t.

And if not a lot of people got in they could have leveled up to 5, but they didn’t just let a few in, cause it was a stress test. It accomplished what it was put out for.

Which brings us back to the point of this thread, people who saw “stress test” and thought they were gonna have fun and play and level their character all they way up to 5 in the timeframe completely missed the point.

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Which brings me back to my point, they thought that because that’s what was communicated to them.

It was not, it was labeled as a stress test.

Edit: even on these forums:

Uhh actually thats exactly how they are treating it… and is why the have invited all twitch streamers… to get as many eyes on the product as possible. If it was not early access they would not want eyes on the game just yet… they have purposely gone out of their way to market this.

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… do you know what a Beta is?


Beta is not early access.
Beta is not early access.
Early is not beta access
Access is not beta early
Bea Arthur is not emo

What were we talking about again?


Got the email that said

I don’t have problem with the fact that the added “significant number of players” didn’t get to log in and “play up to level 5.” My problems was it wasn’t communicated that way and it created a lot of negativity. Seriously it crashed these forums multiple times.

They did say stress test, but they also said participate.

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Yes we got the same email.

And in attempting to log in and create characters you did indeed participate in the stress test.

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Well then the email should have said play up to locked realm screen.

It did.

Stress. Test.

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It said



Yes there was indeed a level lock in said stress test.

If people ignored everything else in the email and just tunnel visioned onto “play up to level 5” that’s on them, and hence this thread.


And stress test is a very inprecise term. What does that mean? Obviously you don’t think it means stress testing the game. But a reasonable person would assume it does mean they will be stress testing the game, which would require you to play the game.

Like I said, the problem IMHO is the communication. A lot of people had a bad experience with this. Which is bad for Blizzard and bad for the game.

Expectations were intentionally or mistakenly built up and not met. Coming in and blaming the customers or giving blizzard a pass on this isn’t going to help Blizzard or the game. It just creates more disgruntled customers.


If you tried logging in but had issues connecting, creating characters, etc - you participated.

Much in the same way having your foot on the brake at a stop light is “operating a motor vehicle”.

They got the data they wanted, I’m just about sure this was intended.


Pushing someone/something past their limits to see how well it can be handled.

Not being able to log in, crashing, lag, these were all parts of the stress tests.

If said customers ignored the big “Stress Test” part of the offer and just thought about being able to play and have fun then it is entirely on them.


Well I think it’s safe to say our respective positions are irreconcilable.

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