Reopen skyfury,

Skyfury was locked for no reason, the queues have improved yes but for someone who doesn’t get off at 5pm the queue is a non issue for me. The server being locked is forcing my friends who subscribed to play fresh with me to roll on angerforge, a server I do not have a level 70 on. Some of my friends joining me for wrath have level 70s or 40+ on skyfury already, they do not want to reroll on angerforge. Unlock skyfury, let people play together.


Not to mention our OCE playerbase!

I’ve never liked the idea of locking servers personally.

I’d just be worried that they’ll go ahead and open transfers to Angerforge, effectively making ruining Angerforge fresh, and potentially causing a lot of damage to Skyfury in the process, as they are already well aware.

wait what is angerforge?

yikes … 10char


reopen skyfury bros


My friend just redownloaded and subbed and i just got my toon to 70 on skyfury… now i feel like i have to abandon my toon so i can play with my friend… idk what the solution is but locking the server aint it.


Just transfer

And the cancer spreads . . .

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Nublizzard strikes again

I canceled both my accounts over Skyfury being locked and the general disfunction of Blizzards server teams. Waste of time to expect anything better at this point.

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Transfers are a highly destructive Game Dev tool that players never had any business touching. It was a colossal failure on Blizzard’s part to implement them in Classic as a player option.


Pretty much. I didn’t even mind waiting in queue. I don’t need to play all day. I would rather sit in queue while watching TV and eventually play on a mega server bursting at the seams than play on some dead server that they ruined with free transfers.

This is coming from someone who played on both Incendius and Sulfuras pre-death (although it has since been revived it seems).


Please reopen skyfury, my friends cant play with me.


and we are still locked even though there hasn’t been a Q in days.

Shouldn’t it be reopened so Skyfury doesn’t die when people can’t make characters here and everyone free transfers? The population already looks like it’s down a lot imo.

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Reopen Skyfury. This is ridiculous now Blizzard, stop taking our money then BENDING US OVER.

I’ve been wanting to make a character on skyfury since a lot of my old buddies I have started to play and level up for wrath. This server was barely even open… C’mon blizz this is honestly getting a bit stupid with the servers.

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Blizzard, you have officially split my friend group up. Half of my friends have their high levels on skyfury, half of my friends are leveling up on angerforge. We do not want to leave skyfury for fears for angerforge dying, and there is no way for angerforge characters to transfer into skyfury. REOPEN SKYFURY. STOP SPLITTING UP FRIENDS.

Just transfer to angerforge and play with your friends, even if the server dies it will take 4 months and most people including your friends will prolly be gone lol.

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