Remove/nerf all Healer Get out of Jail Free Cards

Get rid of the 4-5 DPS CD’s every DPS spec has down to 1 20% ish damage increase to nerf burst, so healers don’t need these instant game changers.

Bring back 8 second kill timers.

Cocoon, priest+resto immunities need to GO.

Leave Holy bubble as only OG immunity that can be dispelled/shattered.

This gameplay is awful seeing someone’s giant missing health bar just get covered up or unable to go down anymore.

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True classic brain.

Guys, let’s just delete all abilities and let the melees only auto attack and casters only wand and then delete healer buttons because they won’t need them


So what you’re saying is we should have 5 DPS CD’s and become completely useless as DPS once that’s gone unless there’s MS? You must love dampening.

Do you want me to post on a level 10 toon instead like others? You’re a joke.

Imagine having to hit buttons to play a game

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Bro doesn’t even know difference between rotationals and CD’s. Ya’ll trolls don’t even try at this point :person_shrugging:

Imagine having to use your hands to play a videogame, what is this the 19th century???


So you’re calling overpower, MS, execute, slam, bloodthirst, blade of justice, lava burst, blackout kick etc as cooldowns? :clown_face:

Prune CD’s , chill out burst. Get rid of healer immunities minus bubble.

Lost credibility here


Funny that all the changes they made for healers backfired, because guess what? Now you also have to fight against an enemy healer that has all those benefits too. None of the games are fun because of how it plays out. Everything just absolutely shreds, double melee dps doing 100k dps and everything just dying through defensives. So bad.

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You want to make a case to remove a 19 year old ability? Be my guest.

Yes. On my ret I’ve actually spent a global and died from 80% to 0 before my global comes back up to bubble. My execution sentence puts out 2.5x the damage when other Cd’s are down meaning the chain CD’s are putting out that much more burst. It’s nutty, and it also means that fighting healers in the arms race throw up their get out of jail free cards because they’re zugged in 5 seconds witthout. I hate all of it.

We don’t need 3-4 DPS CD’s and also get out of jail free cards on such low CD’s some can be used multiple times in a 3v3 with damening, is absurd.

I mean, no, I think the entire post is stupid. That being said, saying “remove all of them except this one for arbitrary reasons” is pretty silly and, again, removes any credibility you might’ve had otherwise for this argument.

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Because all other immunities were added in as part of the burst arms race.

And you know, Bubble actually being removable and putting forbearance on yourself, are pretty simple to deal with.

Bros arguing to nerf healers more lol

Nerf burst first. I just play DPS and hate having 0 damage game outside of CD’s and when the drop is given, 90% of someone’s Hp as a barrier. Or IMMUNE IMMUNE IMMUNE IMMUNE

You’re beyond cooked.

Next bait thread pls

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Throw more peanuts doc.

Ya’ll just can’t form a coherent counter argument to burst meta and get out of jail free skills.

Here’s a simple arguement;

nerf damage buff healing.

Next bait thread pls.

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I’ll say it again.

No lifer NEET propaganda who loves 15 minute arena matches. :person_shrugging:

Tell me other PvP games where the heals get to press a button and remove themselves from combat for 6-8 seconds or you can die in 2.

Or they can fine tune CC so it’s more effective on things healers do. Seems like healers have an excessive amount of insta spells that can’t really be stopped, and the CC that has the potential to stop them doesn’t last long enough.

I still think they should have limited blitz brawls to just ONE healer. Sure, it would have put a lot of pressure on the healer, but nobody said you are supposed to heal everyone. Let the dps actually dps each other without a healer around. Blitz Brawl was the opportunity to do that but nope… they had to add two freaking healers.

Player dependency on healers is absurd. With how tanky pure DPS are I still don’t understand it.

There’s a cringe arms race and I see people so terrified at thought of playing without raid-bss healers which is exactly what they are outside of dampening at present.

It’s almost as bad as WOTLK, which at live then they had 50% dampening on random BG’s.

Insta spells are a good point. Getting true comboed into Lock CC and failing to get an orb with 10+ seconds of CC by a lock was awful today in RBG.

ATM DPS can barely keep themselves up minus a few hybrids, Ele for example and warrior+DK beat out everyone else in sustain. the game’s upside down.

Mortal Strike is such a stupid concept anymore as well.

But blitz is coming out and maybe I could care less when next xpac hits and versatility resets and we’re not fighitng raid bosses.

And yes, burst is out of control. Why is my burst phase 250% of normal damage? When Crusade, execution sentence, divine toll and HoW down damage literally just gets ignored. MS is only reason one healer fails to keep someone alive before the other.