Remove/change levitate's sparkly baby stars animation for SP

Now that SP animations are been discussed, i would love to bring back the issue with the little sparklying stars animation from levitate (i think it was added in legion or bfa cant recall) from SP, because it does not fit the fantasy of the class (it’s awfull seen that animation in shadow form)

Or better still, why don’t change it to look like shadowy/tentacle thing when u spec SP and mantein the sparks for disc/holy

This could be easly added with a glyph


Yikes. Has that animation always been there? It looks AWFUL with shadow form.

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They obviously don’t care about the fantasy of Shadow since they took Shadow Mend and gave us Flash Heal back.

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Well it’s not a shadow spell it’s a holy spell or perhaps a discipline spell.

If you play classic you’ll see that spells were all in one class originally and you can purchase whichever spells you want (aside from ones in the talent tree). In other words you’ll have to deal with the fact that it has a holy/disc look to it. Maybe they’ll make a shadowy glyph for it! (:

And tell them to come up with a Mind Spike animation. This is a mess to be without core animations after 18 years in the game. Like…what kinda operation yall runnin up in here?

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I mean back until Legion the spell was fine being just a cloud animation and then nothing. There was no need to add the sparks at all…


Thats all i want, a shadowy tentacly glyph for us void masters

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Yes actually there was.

The need is that a LOT of spells have been updated in DF. Even smite I think looks a TEENSY bit flashier. They want spells to look good when compared to the new Evoker which has a lot of fancy spells.

Blizz should add a glyph to make it more shadowy so everyone will be content but honestly, it’s not a shadow spell it’s a disc or holy spell so it should have light naturally, but the glyph would be PERFECT. just like the Lightspawn glyph it turns the Shadowfiend into a lightspawn (still deals shadow damage).

Even though ShadowFiend is a full shadow spell it has a full holy glyph so why not do that with Levitate. After all levitate only has 1(?) glyph.

Nah, Penance is also a holy spell and has a glyph to make it more “shadowly”

just a daily reminder to change this animation :V

Bump. Please remove levitate sparkles. It was awesome as a priest to just sit there levitated. walking was for chumps. Now we have to look like tinkerbell. Make it a glyph if you want to but give me a way to get rid of this god awful animation. If others want more animations for priest spells have at it but please let levitate not have this horrible sparkles crap.

I think the only reason they added the sparkles in legion was because they wanted it to be different from the void form hover which is stupid. Gimmie back old levitate please.

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The fun thing is they gave a new vfx to levitate (which no one asked for it and it looks goofy) and they didn’t give new vfx to spells that actually need some update like Holy Fire (which a lot of people has been asking for a long time)

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Everything cosmetic could be solved through glyphs, sadly we’re not druids >.<

That’s a good thing though.