Remove this trinket from the game

Scars of Fraternal Strife

It’s pure trash. Get rid of it.
It’s a question of doing the right thing and to stop laughing at your customers.


I fail to see any issue with it whatsoever. I would like to return to corrupted gear, because of being a tank, and killing rares in 2-3 shots.


Then you’re not functioning properly.


If someone wants something, then it’s customary to give specific reasons as to why, and not to use insults, platitudes, or generalizations, just saying.

I’m done with you now, since this is an obvious troll post.


Look! There are people who will want it hahahahaha. - the devs

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Simply don’t use it? There’s a lot of bad trinkets in the game. You don’t have to play with all of them. They aren’t Pokemon.


I don’t even know what it does. Searing a rune upon yourself sounds painful, though!

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As a tauren I can confirm that getting something like this done is indeed painful.


You know what it’s like to hope for an upgrade. A chance to get an “easy” 272 comes maybe once every two months. And I ran +10s to get this one, so there was effort put into it.

For people still wondering, this trinket gives DEBUFFS. You get damage echoed on you and stupid stuff like that for every extra stat you want. It gets hardcore at two measly stats, and it doesn’t even have a main stat on it. I know it doesn’t sound so bad on paper, but I guarantee you’ll throw it away of you ever win it.

Wow! I love extra damage! And since I’m so small I’ll never get hit so any debuff won’t matter!

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Adds a secondary stat with each press, until you have all 4 stats stacked, and an AoE damage burst on the fifth. The tradeoff is that it puts a DoT on you, slows movement speed, adds a 5% healing reduction, and adds a 10% damage echo. It’s a strong trinket if you’re on a class that can handle the move speed reduction. I played with it for a while for lack of other trinkets and the damage is trivial on a self-healing class. My warlock’s Demon Skin and my druid’s Yersa’s Gift healing make it unnoticeable. Not sure I’d want to play it on the mage.

I heard it resets stacks on boss pull. Bummer.

It’s a decent trinket, having a cost is something different, interesting either.
What I would personally say is that given the other options the benefits do not justify the cost.

I would say comparing it to Old Warrior’s Soul, but really there is no comparison. Old Warrior’s Soul is just too good.

In my opinion it probably needs a buff in season 4. It already doesn’t compete with comparable dps trinkets which don’t have a significant offset.
It they are going to do kiss/curse items they really need to make them worth it.

Its a garbage trinket that isnt worth using with the downsides in any relevant content and that isnt even a better trinket than most trinkets that are also way easier to obtain.


If they remove this one then they better remove de Bells of de endless feast, very bad thing that is, I keep a 265 in de hopes it get buffed but right now it be almost useless because of how it works.


Why are the trinkets in this expansion such utter garbage?

Even the final raid trinkets are ‘meh’. Why so boring?


The trinket is basically just a meme. Sometimes can doo funny aoe dmg if u time it right, but not worth it.

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Lol. It’s BiS for my toon. It’s trash. Not worth the cost of using it.

Still better than Bells. But I’d like it better if it had main stat on it.

The self-damage isn’t even the problem with it. In a raid that will be easily mitigated. The biggest problem I had with it was managing the runes. Firstly, even if you have them all up at the start of a fight, it will knock you back to two, so you CANNOT use it with your opening cooldowns. After that, it gets really hard to get the runes up, and use the cooldown with your other cooldowns. There are no passive stats on it at all to help mitigate that and it was literally too much work during progression on raid. I went back to my 239 Eye because I’m betting I do more dps with the static agi/crit than I do trying to perfect the rotation of this stupid trinket while a thousand other things are happening.

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