Remove the name limit Blizzard

Cause new realms don’t matter if you don’t raise the limit.


they will… today actually

Obviously he knows its today, thats why this thread was posted at 10:10am, 10 minutes after Blizz was supposed to remove the limit.

Still not working. There must be a hiccup somewhere.


Yeah, although they stated they would unlock the character cap as soon as the new realms were up at 10am PST. Many people were gambling on that for new characters on these realms and they dropped the ball hard.


Update: Working as of 30 minutes after.

It was supposed to happen nearly 15 minutes ago. Still restricted to three characters per account as I type this.

Blizzard said 1:00pm Eastern (same time worldwide) it’s now 15 minutes past.

this is so stupid…they should be more prepared for the traffic especially on a big day like today. no excuses

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Blizzard people need to get their names first… It’ll happen ---- Soon ™

Quintessential official wow forum response

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“Move from your realm to this new realm and we will raise cap so you can attempt to reserve your name since you’re on the fence of playing a different server”

“We dont want to raise cap until we make sure the actual players of the realm get thier names first”

kk blizzivision

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that’s why there are things like this, to find things and to be more prepared, don’t you think? Would you rather this happen when everything is live later on?

Oops, Blizzard forgot to set their alarms or fix their clocks. It was 10:00 AM Pacific approximately 15 minutes ago.

Delete characters and reroll on new server.

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Sigh. I mean, I get it… But still a huge disappointment. Especially when you give this info to people that trust you and then have to backpedal and tell them Blizz hasn’t done it yet.

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Let’s gooooo

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I wonder if they really dropped the ball, or they’re giving people not already at the character cap a chance to reserve names before everyone makes 47 more characters.

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Straight from Blizz…AFTER WoW Classic is live, you’ll be able to create up to 10 characters

15 minutes later & still the same problem. SIGH…

Are you kidding. How hard can this be for Blizzard? How could they have screwed this up? It’s laughable.

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Have a list of 17 names to reserve for people at work… come on blizz


So if I had no toons, I could get on to reserve names and get 10 slots per server while all the people who started earlier, weeks ago, have to wait?

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