Remove the name limit Blizzard

Yeah no excuses. They told us it be at the same time

Come on Bliz, remove the limit like you said you would

F :frowning:

I love reading about these first world problems.


It’s starting already! Hold on lemme get some snacks to enjoy this with…

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Cut them some slack, I mean after all, Activision IS a small indie company.


Everyone post this on Twitter because that’s where they notice issues first.

They said at the time of the new servers being created

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It’s another giant screw up by Blizzard. 15+ years and still dropping the ball.

If you can even get from realm to realm atm.

Lots of people seriously need to calm down. If you are getting this triggered over trying to add more toon names, just wait until 6pm EST… I put the odds of being able to login tonight at 20%.


Blue post said they’d raise the limit when Westfall came up, but they didn’t do it.

Giggle, Giggle… I can just see a couple guys in Blizzard’s office peeing themselves laughing right now…

“No wait… give it a couple more minutes…this is funny…”



/10 char

Still not


I was open to trying to make a toon on westfall and incendius, but not worth deleting and loosing a name I value to pick another realm and maybe not find some name worth holding onto and then deleting from the other realm.

I’ll just see what happens after 5 central time.


they announced this ahead of time…days ahead of time. so there still should be no excuse ON LAUNCH DAY especially with the volume of people coming in. They should know that guilds and etc will be moving to those new realms to get off of the high traffic ones like Herod.


Balls have been nerfed(pruned) all they have is cubes.

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In the meantime please delete your other toons first if you’re moving to a new server