Remove the Heart of Azeroth level cap

(Krenna) #1


I want to open a discussion about removing the level cap on the Heart of Azeroth for this season, which is level 50 max.

Why? Easy to explain.

Patch 8.2 will not release at least in 6 weeks being optimistic. By now, many people playing the game frequently (doing a few mythic+ an raiding every week) are at level 47-48 in their main character. I dont to much at all and I’m 48. My gameplay in the last 3 weeks have been 2 mythic dungeons and 5 bosses each week, plus the island cap and emissaries. Im doing just the minimal and I’m level 48 and about 40% towards 49.

This means that a lot of people is gonna be stuck at level 50 very soon and a lot of AP will be wasted. Im pretty sure I’m gonna be level 50 next week doing the same minimal things I’m doing. From that point, a lot of people will feel that they are wasting time playing the game because all that AP is gonna be lost because the HoA is capped at level 50. That’s a month or so of wasting resources.

I’m not asking to increase the advancement of the Artifact Knowledge, only to remove the cap of the level 50.

It will be nice to continue gaining AP even when there’s no advancement in the AK and get to the 8.2 patch in level 52 or something like that.

Im talking about 6 weeks (maybe 8 or 12, no one knows) of wasted progression.

There’s no harm in letting people advance in the artifact in that “dead-time” to get a few levels more. It’s gonna be frustrating for many people that because you already capped, you cant do anything else and a lot of content and rewards is dead for you.


(Jape) #2

50 is a weird cap.

That’s where the new system starts and plenty of people are going to be capped at it for weeks.

(Mercader) #3

Well my neck is 44. I hate islands so i dont do the weekly islands. Ill cruise to 50 probably just in time for 8.2 :slight_smile:


Blizzard punishes players that play consistently. They only care you log in twice a week which is good enough.

That is why the way AP is designed is almost pointless.

(Hasylla) #5

At rank 50 on the HoA anything that rewards AP is suddenly useless until patch 8.2 eventually arrives. At least in Legion we had AP tokens that we could vendor for a bit of gold, but in BfA there is no token nor anything to replace the suddenly worthless AP.

I don’t see a reason to accept the quest that directs the player into the Crucible of Storms, which rewards AP, until after patch 8.2 goes live. Island expeditions suddenly went from having little appeal to next to none. Now the only world quests I bother looking at now are either gold or equipment I can disenchant.

(Jape) #6

You can save all of your paragon turn ins too.


If anything, the cap right now should be 65 so we all can start off with the new trait and then go from there. I can understand it prob has to do with level playing field for all players? Which still doesn’t make much sense. Not sure. But I stand by what I said. Level cap should be increased to what ever the first trait level is.

(Jape) #8

It is though.

(Hasylla) #9

Paragon chests are unique, so you can only hold onto one of each. It would not surprise me if they try to prevent people from hoarding the acceptance of the paragon chests from gaining some minor advantage in AP.

(Krenna) #10

I want to add this:

My hunter has less than 3 weeks in level 120 and his HoA is level 43.

My warrior which I barely play is at level 45.

The ammount of people who is gonna be stuck at level 50 with a lot of dead content in front of them is gonna be huge. The trust of the general playerbase in the game right now is not very good to on top of that put a huge wall that could last a few months with no reason at all.

(Bigdiggles) #11

This is a pretty valid concern. Blizzard SHOULD implement AP to gold, or even just allow AP to continue beyond 50, but add no additional levels. Then when 8.2 is in, that AP could be converted back into useful levels without factoring in AK.

Here’s the big problem of Blizzard not assessing this issue:

The HoA is the major artifact item we get this expansion. It’s supposed to provide the core incentive for us to grind.

But most of us that play it even regularly only doing emissaries, m+, and islands weekly will hit 50 long before 8.2. For comparison, I don’t even do every daily emissaries , islands most weeks but not all, raids and some m+, and I’m sitting at 48 currently.

So what happens when we cap the item that’s supposed to motivate us to keep grinding? Well we either play an alt or more likely play another game entirely.

Then when 8.2 hits we’re supposed to pickup the grind again? Seems like an awfully risky move for your playerbase if you ask me. This is the main grind motivator and it’s just going to be put on hold for a couple months?

Solve the problems you’ve created Bliz!
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(Hasylla) #12

I like the second suggestion, but even the first suggestion would be better than the current state. The rate of increase in cost per rank will quickly lead to the next rank costing 200k+ like it did during the previous halt in AK. Yes, characters may start off a few ranks higher once 8.2 goes live, but they will still be faced with an elevated cost to reach the next rank.

My treasure map for this past week was for 2k AP. I’m sure the devs can guess how helpful that was when I’m sitting at rank 50.

I am currently not going to accept any new story quests that reward AP until after 8.2 goes live. Does that sound like an engaging system that keeps the player motivated?

Bonus loot rolls reward AP when you fail the roll to receive an item. This now kind of defeats the point of the consolation prize of some AP.

(Bigdiggles) #13

I honestly think this should be a top priority for them. As a business this could cost them a significant number of subscriptions, if not addressed.

Many of us are already losing interest and I know personally when I hit 50, there won’t be much incentive to log on until 8.2.

(Brujanna) #14

I don’t know, I think I’ll sort of be happy to be “done” for a while.

(Jape) #15

I’d rather it get super expensive than watch it prevent the earning of any rewards.

Not going to touch anything story related til cap raises basically.

(Krenna) #16

In 42800 more AP I will be locked for progression in my Heart of Azeroth.

It will be 2 weeks max until my main character is gonna be stuck for no good reason for at least a couple of months.


I’m not even trying to grind AP and I’m already neck level 48. I am dreading the day I reach 50, because AP will become completely worthless once I hit the cap. Islands will be dead, emissaries will be worthless, and paragon caches will just sit unused in my inventory. All of the game’s solo content will be dead to me once I cap my neck, and my character will basically be “done” until the next patch comes out. Sure, I have alts to play, but they’re starting to reach the cap too.


I used to do all content, m+, wq, islands, raids and pvp. Now I just stay on the ship mostly and stare at mission board.

(Hasylla) #19

That nicely sums up where my mage now finds herself. Now all that seems to be left is to collect more gold that I do not need for a subscription that I am struggling to see any reason to extend.


I’m at 50 and what do I get for the azerite power now? Gold or what? Do i get credit for this after 8.2 comes out or should I just stop playing until then? Seems like a rip off to earn this az power and get nothing because I’m at 50.