Remove or Restrict "Bioluminescent" From The Game

You have a blindfold on. I don’t see the problem.

hehe hehe


same druid, same place, with three of the biolumesecent fish on him.

so blinding :roll_eyes:


Anyone in a blizzard yeti transmog. Yet Blizz still pretends “muh immurshun” matters.


That’s also true.

I wonder if this is different for people who don’t have certain shaders disabled and/or have high graphics settings.

I have an addon that turns off some shader settings that make white colors almost glow in game.


maybe. my graphics settings are on 8 and whatever settings get changed when you set to 8, I haven’t changed any manually

It can be stacked on one NPC, and it definitely causes more issues the more it is stacked indoors. Tired of people that don’t know it can be stacked and going “Nuh uh, see I used it once on my character outdoors and didn’t stack it! No problems detected!”

Not without making everything else basically unable to be seen.
Some other threads on it:

From what I was able to find online: vs normal Even more noticeable, it happens a lot on RP servers Auction House and more but I don’t have my own screenshots handy anywhere.

It gets brighter, and more annoying the more people use it. They can stack specific colors to get the ‘intended effect’ they want. They can fix it by adjusting the scaling indoors, or make it not ‘stackable’ or reducing the amount of stacks allowed.


Horrid solution. I love turning into a Naz Honor Guard and /walking in front of randoms. So so much fun and unique interactions would be removed from the game to fix a tiny issue that few people are having. There are alternative solutions that don’t ruin fun though, I’m sure? You bring dishonour to yourself and your family even suggesting this xoxo

Using the rainbow toy in tandem with my BF to create rainbow chains in cities is pretty dope too. Just… no.


I have a couple Gnomes in that mog with a different hats. One has a pirate had and the other a flower crown. They both look fabulous.



I have no doubt, but it does break immersion in the way blizz claims holiday mogs would.


I have the sense that the phrase “break immersion” is extremely fluid based on the whims of someone in the corporate food chain.



how do you know what i do or how i play the game? lol

just cuz you disagree with me doesn’t mean you have to e-stalk me and then be abusive on the forums. just a little creepy (especially seeing as you have a private profile yourself).

it’s all going to be okay friend, take a breather :revolving_hearts: you can disagree all you want, but my point still stands. i’m sorry your eyes hurt when i use my bioluminecent toy

EDIT: Oh you’re mad i said your idea was bad. :skull_and_crossbones:


I would suggest making a ticket and bringing it up with customer service. Perhaps they can develop a toggle for people like you. Triggering a seizure seems like something they would like to avoid.


Customer Service as far as I’m aware would have no sway over such a thing, that would be Developers that would have to change the toy or create a function. Which, the only way to talk to/at Devs is here on GD or through in-game submit suggestions. These posts go back years, so clearly that’s never been taken seriously.

Probably because of all the people arguing for ‘their right to annoy/ruin other peoples gameplay experience’ as part of their fun.

We really have reached the point where people are asking them to nerf fun toys, huh.


There is also a suggestion button you can implement ideas you can use as well. Over the years you throw some in there. Some may come through. It’s like a suggestion box. Some I have seen over the years like new mount models.

Keep killing the game from the inside, and keep up the good work.


Hopefully a blue comes along for your post. If it is causing issues, move this to customer support mon! no one should suffer while playing a game, also go to your interface, there should be options there for color or sight seeing problems.


Yeah, ideally something that wouldn’t affect other people.


Yes, I mentioned that…

GMs/CS will direct you to do that, and to post in the GD forums.

Toys are so restricted already please don’t restrict them even more. You should be asking for the option to disable the light effects, not ruining the toy.