Remove Boosting in Wrath "Classic"

Why is there no outcry coming from the classic community, howling as loud about boosting to 70 as they are howling now to not have dungeon finder? Is Blizzard listening to the same group that has deemed dungeon finder ruins the game? Is it more about boosts being good for Blizzard ($$$$$)? I am positive that absolutely no one playing classic wants boosts for money. This is complete hypocrisy. If anything destroyed retail it was boosting, wow tokens for gold, and making older content less and less important.

Please some Blizzard decisionmaker explain how this is “classic”. At this rate, before we get to ICC’s release some executive will say they have heard from the classic community and that WOW tokens are being introduced in Wrath Classic.

You are willing to screw with stuff that most, and I mean most, players want but add stuff that is actually detrimental to gameplay. Might as well have boosts apply to DK’s because creating a DK won’t be a reward for leveling a toon from 1 to 55.

Even the barber shop feature should be removed because that is not “Classic”.


barber shop was added in wotlk, dingus


so was Dungeon finder, which also hurts Boosting, a lot. funny that.


If they had killed boosting in classic 2019, or even TBC, they’d have much less subscribers now than they currently do. It’s possible the game would be completely dead.

Boosting kept classic 2019 lively and does the same for TBC.

The same will be true for WOTLK. The amount of players that have cycled through is only possible because of boosting. The biggest obstacle for games like TBC and soon to be WOTLK is getting new players to jump in and play the game.

Boosting is essential for keeping the game full of players. It’s not a matter of opinion. It’s a fact.


lots of things that were not “classic” were added in wotlk
there’s a reason why wotlk was the peak of WoW and it was all downhill after
people felt the stink of retail creeping in

this is why classic wrath can and should have a lot of its features removed. they were never classic features

have you tried leveling an alt recently? without boosting and without paying gold to boost

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I want to actually boost some characters.

But I’ll tell you this, I wouldn’t boost them with a dungeon finder.

I’m the type of player that likes to level in dungeon. It’s easy to level when you can queue for a dungeon and quest while you wait to be grouped up in the queue. It’s hard to find a group for lower level dungeons right now, a RDF would solve that issue and make leveling a lot more enjoyable. People would be playing a lot of dungeons that don’t get grouped up for as often leveling up.

But if someone wants to boost a character they should be able to. WoW takes forever level and the endgame is fun. Lot of people that don’t have time to level but want to have some fun lol


It was honestly masterfully planned, they dropped that bad news on top of no RDF, it was designed to intentionally to distract players from raising a stink about the 70 boost with a greater issue.


TBH because we still have classic wow that doesn’t have boosting. Leveling is so much better in classic wow. It’s all I need.

Faction transfers are better than the 70 boost and were actually a thing in Wrath. Your not going to fix faction imbalance this way. People will just boost a 70 if you don’t let them transfer.

Players who don’t want to play/level won’t. Even with LFD.

I do not pay for boosting in any form.

Neither do I, low level dungeons are as dead as they get, with boosters on every corner. Just because you and I don’t boost, doesn’t mean the majority doesn’t. Non boosters are in the minority, as much as I hate to see it say it.

Good one. People even use recruit a friend to the max to avoid having to level alts and you really think they wouldn’t buy boosts?

as somone who went ham at release and farmed up epic flying on several alts… i was sick of it by the end of my last toon getting epic flying cause of the amount of bots i had to compete with… they get banned make a new account and are botting again the next day with that fresh 58 boost that this shat game provides lolol

You’re right.

We should be howling for a lvl 80 boost.

You would be wrong.

And then the hilarious part that removing LFD encourages boosting! Say what you want but leveling through a queue with random people in dungeons is so superior to paying a carrier that someone obviously missed the memo.

There’s gonna be mad boosting in classic wrath, even more than OG because LFD will be gone and that was a sufficiently efficient way for many people to level. Removing it just makes everything more of a pain, not only did it save my sub the first time around but I was definitely looking forward to it being in classic.

But no, people gotta put up all these gates and walls. And if you have more gold than friends, why grind the world I guess? Cause that’s all you’re going to be able to do, especially if you don’t have a crazy population that’s always leveling.

One of the things I’ve not liked about Classic is the transient nature of it. Everyone was all too happy to go to TBC so vanilla is now dead. I kind of like TBC but can’t take it’s end game seriously because it’ll be dead come wrath. Just like a real expansion game, I guess, but it feels worse. I’d rather park in the expansion I like the most and stay there forever until I get BiS everything, but at the rates I play the game has moved on before I can even cap, and if you aren’t in the wild rush at the beginning to level LFG is going to be crickets.

Blizzard didn’t miss the memo. They are very aware that the most popular private server hosts RDF. They are employing a scam to get people to pay for boosts.

They know it is super fun to level alts in dungeons. So what they did was they removed RDF and then added paid boosts. It is so obvious what their motives are. Take something away that was in the game that is not a paid service and then add something that was never in the game as a paid service. Crook tactic.

Their reasoning citing community is pathetic and false.


Those are the folks who’re making money by boosting toons.

I’m leveling multiple toons right now. Including the one I’m posting on. And I’m doing it via questing, while leveling my professions.

Actually playing the game is fun. Who’da thunk?

I bought a level 58 boost. I may buy a level 70 boost, as well.

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I would, too, if I played paladin.