Remove ALL buffs when one enters a raid in TBC? (295sp MC Buff from Botanica?)

There are still buffs like:

(Whipped Frenzy) 30% Attack Speed for 5 minutes from enslaving Maiden of Pain in Hellfire Peninsula.
(Holy Fury) a 295 spell power buff for 30 minutes from mind controlling Bloodwarder Menders in Botanica.
(Improved Divine Spirit) from alt. Disc. Priest outside of every raid for the spell power.

Sadly, people are going to feel obligating to get this just so they will not look like slackers in their guild raids.

I could go on forever, but this would solve so many problems.


I lol’d.

There are hourlong buffs from tailoring etc too, but they’re just not significant enough to really matter outside of maybe world 1sts

Personally I think whenever someone enters a raid it should remove people who AREN’T buff. This discrimination against buff players is going too far.


Lol Holber, who knows.

Didn’t they say buffs will be removed when entering a raid in TBC? Pretty sure I saw a blue post that recently.

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add spellstealable npc buffs to the list, for example

(Chaotic Focus) tbc.wowhead. com/spell=22418/chaotic-focus
Magical damage dealt is randomly increased by up to 1 to 75.
(Wildspawn Felsworn) tbc.wowhead. com/npc=11455/wildspawn-felsworn
from: dire maul east

alternatively, wcl can just blacklist parses with these things like they did with silithyst in classic naxx.

Using Traces of Silithyst will result in your parse being invalid and in your guild’s complete raid rank being invalid.

If other people get buffs I literally can’t play the game!

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There was a fun one from the stable mobs in Kara that would make the mage grow increasingly big, that seemed to bug out on Pservers. You could eventually get so big you wouldnt fit through doorways so you’d have to let it drop.
Kinda hoping it works like that on TBC too. It added flavor to occasionally see a 1000 ft mage running around Shattrath :stuck_out_tongue:

This was a thing in min/max guilds in the real TBC. The rest, no.

A’dal’s Song of Battle was the main WB, but you had to kill Kael’Thas to get the buff quest and then it only applied in TK. It was helpful until you had TK on farm.

I suppose the sweaty min-maxers will try to figure out ways to get oddball buffs but my BT raid simply showed up with full consumes, including separate stam consumes for the first boss. The sweatiness came in for classes where elixirs were better than flasks. It was so nice when the raid lead told us it was OK to just pop a chromatic flask.

if it stays inside kara it’s not really a problem. but bringing a foreign spellsteal buff is essentially a world buff. I doubt anything will come close to stacking the classic world buffs anyway, but plenty things are going to fall into a grey area. I imagine the simplest fix will be a blanket dispel when you enter a raid.

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Yes just wipe all buffs when one enters a raid. Not sure there is a downside to this, and it is extremely easy to code.

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And why this wasn’t in Vanilla Classic…oh yeah, #NoChanges

Per the tooltip, A’dals song of battle does not work in any raid instances. It only has an effect in Tempest Keep: The Botanica, Tempest Keep: The Mechanar, and Tempest Keep: The Arcatraz. It does nothing in Tempest Keep: The Eye or any other raid instance for that matter.

For my warlock tailor …no