Remove 90 day transfer cooldown

So I took a free transfer off Incendius like everyone else and now the server I transferred to is locked and has queue times /guffaw. I am stuck on a server that became just as bad as the last one and I can’t pay for a transfer until 90 days because the free one counts as a normal character transfer service. Please remove 90 day transfer cd so people can actually play the game they are paying for.

p.s. I am only posting because the GM who answered my ticket told me to do so please keep this thread alive so the devs fix this issue. They have no problem taking our money, why make us wait 90 days for them to do it again ?


Really the transfers cool down should be like 6 months and they should manage the transfers a lot more strictly.

  1. They will not change the cooldown.
  2. So the grass was not greener on the other side so you want to go back. Have 90 days to mull over your mistake.
  3. You probably have more characters on Incendius. Play those for 90 days.
  4. If this is your character its only 22. Refer back to #3.

So you waited until they let you server transfer for free, instead of doing a paid transfer to the server you wanted, and now you want to do a paid transfer? Foolish

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Free transfers don’t have a cooldown, nor do they trigger the cooldown for paid transfers.


I don’t understand all the toxicity towards players who are upset over the entire transfer lockouts…they brought layering back to fix queue times which they said they would never do…so let players transfer off these servers so they don’t have to deal with layering cause it sucks! How is that negative? It will literally fix the population issue…also how was a player suppose to know the servers were going to get locked down? How is it their fault that blizz did that and now they are stuck not being able to play with family and friends on a character they spent so much time working on? Let them transfer for petes sake how is that a bad thing? I am in the same situation with not being able to play with friends because they were transferring mains when the lockout went up, so now i have a 90 day cooldown and cannot join them somewhere else. No one wants to just throw away a raid geared character they invested 40 days of play time in because blizz is being jerks about this whole issue. Remove the transfer cooldowns so we can get off the layered, locked servers or atleast let people transfer to the layered servers because there is no queue time anymore. Why layer it and lock it? Layering was the problem solver to stop the queues so now whats the issue? Stop screwing over the people paying money every month.


Disagreement is not the same as toxicity. Please don’t confuse the two.

There’s a reason for the transfer cooldown. It’s the same reason there aren’t paid name changes. Your reputation on your server is important. Removing the cooldown diminishes that.


I wish I could come by with better news. Character service cooldowns are setup by our developers. It is not possible to remove the cooldowns or bypass them in anyway. I know you used the free migration, however, that does is count as using a character service. I am sorry to hear you aren’t having a great time on the new server. I do know a lot of people fled incendious to arrive on Earthfury.


Just quoting what GM said you sir Supertroll are wrong :wink:

Actually, free transfers do not incur the 90 day cooldown.

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I am not wrong.

I would love to have some horde back on Incendius now. There are no ques anymore and they now announced layering.

That’s a lie. I guess your entire post is a lie. Blizzard stated that free transfers do NOT trigger the 90-day delay.

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He can not Xfer back as the realm is LOCKED

AR does not have queues though i do not believe
That is where his posting toon shows it is from.

Also ALL locked realms also have layering, so no queues?

Nah. Grobbulus is locked, but no layers.

Additionally, we have re-opened Paid Character Transfers to:

  • Incendius

OP wanted to go back to Incendius correct?

He took free transfer off. No cool down to pay transfer back.

You took a one way flight. There’s no return trip to a full server, which should have been done months ago.
Why don’t you start to form and build a community on your server of landing? Is that too much Vanilla for you?

So you make better decisions and don’t exploit it for your benefit at the cost of the realms you’re hopping between like an old episode of Sliders.

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You really cant figure out why they would implement a cooldown?