Remix: Item Restoration

I was wearing a 346 blue chest piece with 3 epic gems. Somehow I accidentally equipped a different chest piece, presumably from right clicking loot boxes too fast. I accidentally scrapped the blue chest piece with the 3 gems in it. The 3 gems then landed in my bags, but the chest piece was gone. I then used the item restoration page to try to restore the chest piece. The price for doing so was to pay back the 3 epic gems. When I processed the request, the 3 gems disappeared from my bags, but I never received the chest piece. A ticket was AUTOMATICALLY opened requesting the item be restored. I did not open a ticket directly. This has never happened before. So I wait a day for the ticket to be answered. The answer was “USE THE ITEM RESTORATION PAGE TO GET YOUR ITEM BACK!”. Obviously this is completely broken.


I have run into this Catch-22 sort of loop with Blizzard before. Open a new ticket and just keep to your aim, be polite, but do not accept “no”.

The logical conclusion of this is having your account banned for GM harassment.

Perhaps you did not take note of this

Same thing happened to me and is currently a bug blue reported in the customer support forum section.

At least it was just a 346 piece of gear and just reinforces my choice of spending 0 bronze on upgrading items till all the cosmetics I want are bought. Spread the word online and be sure to scrap items one at a time to avoid this in the future till item restoration is fixed.

It took them days to respond to my ticket, where they told me to use the item restoration tool. I responded to that message, but it went unread all week so I just closed it and moved on. No luck. They don’t even read tickets.

I’m having the same issue but for two ilvl458 pieces of gear. Like give me the bronze for my upgrades I lost at least if they can’t be restored that’s 63000 in bronze. Ticket is auto resolved telling me to use item restoration, which is on cooldown now and only generated a ticket automatically instead of doing what it should. I am so displeased