Remix: Ensembles - Broken

I have just tried to purchase and use dozens of these ensembles ranging from 1250-5,000 Bronze. I am given a message in red text for all of them - “All appearances are already in your collection”.

It seems that if you have any of the shared appearances from these sets from retail, you cannot learn them and get credit for the rest of the collection.
Myself and others collect sourceIDs as a means of enjoyment. As of this phase of Remix. I no longer am required to farm about a million bronze because of it. While that’s not a concern in itself. It does bring down the value of the event for many.

Would you consider changing how the ensembles interact so we can learn all the sourceIDs as well?

I was banking on learning a variety of extremely hard to farm items from Greater Cache of Treasures that are only farmable by taking Class Trials through 2 blue quests once per character and 1 - once per character epic loot quest. As these items are all apart of the ensembles in Remix.
That is not possible as of now.



My estimates without vetting my information of a million Bronze not required from the missing ensembles that dont work was off considerably.

Its below 250k Bronze of missing ensembles that dont currently work.

Ill use this info as a bump to the question that many communities and individuals are asking.

Will ensembles be fixed?

hard plug for broken PvP ensembles that dont award all sourceIDs for coming up on a decade if Im not mistaken.



After a conversation with one of the contributors for both AllTheThings add-on and DataforAzeroth website. Darkal, has forwarded some of his thoughts that I’d like to share. Paraphrasing and CopyPaste some of our conversation.

This is his daily bug report
. Many new Raid Ensembles in MoP: Remix contain new "Shirts" with unique look but it can't be learned, because it looks at learned TransmogSet ID. Due to this it's unusable, because I completed the TransmogSet ID already on retail in the past. Please let us use Ensembles regardless of if we know the TransmogSet ID or not.

To elaborate more on what a TransmogSet ID is:

Every set has its own TransmogSet ID
TransmogSetID Image Warlock

Take this as an Example. It’s a LFR Warlock Set from Tier 14 Raids.
Ensemble Sha-Skin

Its TransmogSet ID is 462
The TransmogSet contains 24 sourceIDs (shown as ItemModifiedAppearanceID on

Wago Tools TransmogSet ID462

I asked Darkal to provide a little more thought behind this. As to allow me to explain this to you all better.

He states that he isn’t a 100% certain this is the cause or reason we cannot learn the ensembles on Remix. He provides an example why he thinks it’s the case.

" 1. The Ensemble when clicked does this too

Learn Transmog Set

It learns the TransmogSet itself
This all leads me to believe it’s the issue
I can’t tell exact issue
That’s not possible without having opened game’s source code"

  1. The item itself is not visible in the wardrobe until learned, so players won’t even see something missing. But even the ingame tooltip shows “You haven’t collected this appearance” which is true, since it’s unique look. (edited)
    Sha-SKin Shirt

Since I already completed set previously, I obviously have 8/8 pieces and game thinks I am done

Sha Skin Regalia

The TL:DR would be:

  1. Ensembles don’t care about any itemID or sourceID, it learns everything which is in the same group of the given TransmogSet ID.
  2. Ensembles are usable only when the TransmogSet ID is not completed yet.
  3. If you completed the TransmogSet ID already, the Ensemble won’t care if you still don’t have all unique appearances from it.

Thank you for the view.
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As of this morning all Ensembles for North American regions are working as intended.
Thank you so much, Blizzard.

EU, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow =P.

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