<Remission> 10/10M - 2 Nights 9p - 12a - Recruiting for 9.1

About US
Remission on Zul’jin is a guild comprised of experienced players seeking to achieve cutting edge progression on a casual raid schedule. With a leadership team that has been raiding at top levels since Vanilla, we are committed to fostering a friendly, helpful, competitive and knowledgeable community that will produce results. As BfA comes to a close, Remission is actively recruiting all players who have a strong desire to raid at the highest level, without being able to commit to a hardcore schedule.

Raid Schedule

  • Sunday / Monday: 9:00pm – 12:00am EST
  • Alts / Friends and Family runs to be scheduled

Off nights are typically used to push keys and assist guildmates with their weekly runs. If raiding isn’t your thing, Remission is also recruiting players specifically for Mythic+.


  • Positive attitude – Able to accept/provide constructive criticism while avoiding guild drama
  • Preparedness – Strong class knowledge, strategy research, food/pots/flasks (To be provided)
  • Timeliness – Timely pulls will be essential to Raid success
  • Social – Discord engagement and a sense of humor is appreciated

Current Needs: We are looking for exceptional players for 9.1!

Final Word
The majority of Remission is comprised of working adults with young families.
This results in most activities currently taking place between 6:00pm – 12:00am EST. Remission is also accepting social, mythic + and pvp applicants.

If interested, please apply on www.remission.gg or message an officer for more details:

Battlenet: shanehimself#1169
Discord: Shaner#3095

Please Bump?

need that resto druid!

To the top!

8/10m LF exceptional dps!

looking for a high parsing DK (looking for your AMZ huehue)

We also do scheduled heroic CN boosting / key boosting for gold if that’s your thing on non-raid nights

bump 9/10 - LF exceptional DPS and DK!

do DKs even stay subbed in the game for more than a month at a time?

We are looking for a resto shaman for an immediate trial.

hey if you got that exceptional DPS, you should join us!

we are looking for a warlock, very close to getting CE.

9/10m and we are looking for some exceptional DPS- bonus points if you are a warlock!

bump! we are still recruiting!

We are a 10/10m guild looking for exceptional players in 9.1!

Bump! We are still recruiting for 9.1 !