Reminder to new players in Newcomer chat

Be very careful about taking advice from people in the channel that are not guides. Lots of “newcomers” are ruining the channel by telling players to /camp or alt + f4.
There are many great and patient guides, but there are just as many people in there spamming chat, giving harmful answers, or being hostile. Without a way to silence people or effectively report them it’s not as great of a feature as it could be.

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until blizz fixes this I’ve stopped being a guide after two very ugly and constant bully groups formed and included both guides and newbies who’d found soul mates. actual newbies were being abused, told to do negative things or to quit the game and reporting one by one is really awful and tedious. it got to the point where they were whispering me on one occasion and on another they just kept taunting and being rude for HOURS, like trolling a guide was the most fun they’d had in months. without a way to flag or at least request immediate help from GMs I decided I’d frankly wait for this to fail and help out in the gen chat where I’ve always been able to be effective and helpful.

Remember that the best thing you can do if you’re being harassed is to report them immediately by right clicking their name and selecting report. Do not respond to any potential harassment, just report and move on with your day. Reporting them will automatically ignore them on your character for that session. Manually putting them on ignore is recommended as well.

If they circumvent the ignore, you can open a ticket to report them for ongoing harassment.

This blue post from a couple years ago includes a lot of good information on the topic. It’s worth a read if you’re unaware of how to handle this in the game. Cheers!

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