Reminder -- Silithus Stress Test Today at 3:00 p.m. PDT / 6:00 p.m. EDT

We’re about an hour away from logging into the WoW Classic PTR with level 60 characters and heading to Silithus for our second AQ event stress test.

We’ve got all of our optimizations in place this time, so we expect it to go quite a bit faster than it did last week. We’re really looking forward to seeing you there.

Thank you very much for testing with us!


Thanks for the post Kaivax :slight_smile:


Partly agreed. It’s a raid night for me so won’t be participating, but them leaving in a horrible change is reason to give little feedback. They aren’t listening to feedback yet want it in other circumstances? You don’t get to pick and choose the information. That creates substantial bias and we see it in their decision making.


And you arent biased by thinking your opinion on the issue is “correct?”
People who post to forums are a minority of the playerbase and there has been a pretty even split of opinions on the lockout cap. Additionally, they do not need to act on your feedback, just collect it and pass it on for consideration. You arent worth any more than any other sub.



sever already dead and it’s not even 6pm

If people who post in the forums are a minority, then surely you realize players even aware of this stress test are a smaller minority, and those that’ll join the PTR for this are a minority of that minority.

Not that you’re wrong- Blizz doesn’t care about our feedback, this thread is just something to make it look like they do but you’ve seen right through them.

Just look at responses to this- a rare blue post and in three hours basically no responses to them. In forums where blue posts are like lottery jackpots, nobody even cares. I think that’s a pretty good sign that players are legitimately shunning Blizz right now. And unlike when people call for boycotts and then don’t follow through- when something pisses people off so badly they aren’t even bothering to announce they’ll boycott you’re going to end up with one that actually starts to work.

Fact is- AQ launch will either have layers, massive queues, or be a disaster.

The one thing it cannot possibly be is both smooth and authentic.

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Thank you for a fun time Mr. Tauren. Ending off as a giraffe is a memory that will stick with me.

Wow you types really do make it you’re job to hate blizzard dont you? its quite obvious what you are trying. i dont like some of the things blizzard does but posts like these zak is kinds redicules

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What I find ridiculous is we had one shot at reliving authentic Vanilla WoW and the company that took us far away from how the game used to be in the first place miserably failed at the extremely simple task of ‘do not do anything’.

Maybe if people had been adamant about not changing things from the start rather than waking up after a few dozen massive changes had already been pushed through Blizz might have thought twice- instead we pretty much got a community that was apathetic or overjoyed as one retail thing after another got shoved into a game it didn’t fit in the name of ‘making Vanilla better’.

If anything, the problem is that not enough people were getting mad until the 30 instance change.


Huge thanks to everyone who came out for the stress test today!

Before we caused everything to go haywire for fun, we got some great testing done on all of our newer optimizations.

We couldn’t have done it without you!


Think it’s time to find another game my dear friend.

No problem! It was fun!

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Darn it! I just hit my 30 instance cap! You’ll have to go on without me.


Same and likely for a vast number of people as well.

That change was terrible. Since it obviously does not combat bots, what do you suppose the motive is?

Funniest comment I’ve read in weeks :joy: