Reminder -- Silithus Stress Test Today at 3:00 p.m. PDT / 6:00 p.m. EDT

1:35 p.m. PDT –

The test realm is now open!

I would help but… do you guys not have a fire to extinguish somewhere else?

Need to have retail installed in order to help test? I gave up retail after TBC.

I remember Silithus being almost a stop-motion animated zone when I first arrived after the opening. Not sure what was worse, the number of players present or the number of MoBs that came out!! :slight_smile:

Glad to see that Blizzard is trying to stress test the zone. I certainly hope you have some of the same plans involved if/when TBC comes around.


That a nice reply coming from you shinree :slight_smile: .

In the Blizzard Desktop App playscreen, select the WoW icon on the left, then go to the version dropdown on the bottom and change your version to “Public Test Realm (Classic)”.

The Install button will then install what you need to play.

Hello kaivax. Plz free us from all the added stress from the 30 instance cap and tell us if blizzard is intending to do anything. Will they keep the 30 instance cap? Will they change it for different option. Even just knowing you guys are actually in a meeting talking about the possible option would calm the fire that is currently spreading. We do not ask for much, we just want to know what is happening.

actually it’s about 250k, just google it

see endless spam about hotfix in a thread that has nothing to do with it, but the forums enable the spammers and silence the blizzard supporters

great moderation

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There is a difference between a question and trolling.

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If that’s accurate it’s pretty insane. They just banned ~75k mostly for botting.

Is 30% of the population bots o.O…

Are you a bot? Am I?

Really though, if that’s the value based on WCL then it’s probably a pretty accurate sample overall.

Our plan is to make the test realm available in a few minutes, so that testers can begin logging in and copying their characters over (or creating a template level 60 test character).

Kaivax, please address your plans to address the community’s concerns regarding the 30-per-day cap on instance resets. It’s far too restrictive and interferes with basic gameplay.

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also there are websites that monitor active players on each server

Ah, I typically refer to WCL/, which are technically the same source. 250k seems reasonable - pretty crazy that 30% of the pop had actions taken against them and probably 25%+ were bots

Reminder, 30 instance cap doesn’t do much vs bots, but it does hurt players.


Looks like you got rid of one of the realms? The one that I had all my stuff set up on? That sucks. Looks like I won’t be able to test much.

We are certainly stressin the hell out of this PTR server lol!! Hopefully this is some good data for Kaivax and the team!!

Does doing your testing for you on the PTR count towards our instance cap? I don’t want to be locked out of raid tomorrow.

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Cool, I’m glad to stress test servers. Unfortunately not everyone in the community seems to feel the same. Can’t wait for the whining when this opens up on normal servers and people can’t get in.

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